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DT Daily: Sting sings ringtones, Microsoft smartwatch, kid’s $50 prosthetic

Today on DT Daily: There’s news about a Microsoft smartwatch, a prosthetic hand which has changed a young boy’s life, and we listen to Stingtones, which prove Sting is still very cool all these years later.

If the latest rumors are on the money, Microsoft could be ready to launch its own smartwatch in the very near future.

Details are scarce, but if previous indications are anything to go by, Microsoft’s wearable device may be geared towards fitness fanatics. That means sensors galore inside, the ability to track your steps, and probably your heart rate too. Smart watches are all the rage in the tech world right now – we’ve seen models from Samsung, LG, and Motorola already, and even musician Will.i.am has had a go at making one.

Will Redmond’s watch be good enough to fight off the Apple Watch next year? We may not have to wait very long to find out. The anonymous sources responsible for the leak say it’s coming in the next few weeks.

We love feel-good tech stories, and this is one of the best. Five-year old Keith Harris, from League City, Texas, was born with an underdeveloped hand, but now has his first prosthetic, which was made using a 3D printer.

Keith isn’t eligible for a regular prosthetic, which would could cost his family around $40,000 to have one custom made. Instead, experts from international engineering group e-NABLE stepped in, and gave Keith one of their robo hands for free. Why? Well for one, it only costs around $50 to make, and the great thing is, it’ll be cheap and easy for Keith to get new and improved versions as he grows up.

Most of us have heard the Marimba ringtone that’s found on the iPhone, but you’ve never heard it like this before. During his interview on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, none other than Police frontman and all round super cool guy, Sting, recreated the tone, and several others, in his own unique vocal style. “Stingtones” were only the start. Fallon then picked one lucky person from the audience to have Sting record a personal voicemail greeting.

Sting could have just name-dropped himself, and been done with it, but that would have been too easy. The end result is just as cool as the Stingtones, and we’re hoping that it somehow finds its way onto our own phone in the future. Catch the full clip here.