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Stimulate your brain with a lifetime subscription to Brain.fm for just $50

Constant access to the internet and mobile tech make it easy to lose focus and procrastinate when we are trying to get work done, and the glow of computer screens can even affect our body rhythms and make it difficult to get to sleep at night due to unnaturally elevated brain activity. In response to this 21st-century problem, many people have turned their devices from time-sucking distractions into productivity boosters and sleep enhancers thanks to unique new apps like Brain.fm.

If your computer and mobile devices have given you the attention span of a hummingbird, are making it hard to stay on task throughout the Brain.fmday, or are negatively impacting your sleep patterns, then consider a lifetime subscription to Brain.fm, which can be yours for just $50 from our DT Shop. This app lets you enjoy original background music and noise selections specifically crafted for increased concentration, relaxation, and deeper sleep.

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The effect that auditory stimulation has on the human brain has been a growing topic of discussion in recent years, and Brain.fm has teamed up with neuroscientists to implement their research into the audio that the app creates. All of these unique compositions are generated by a human-assisted AI and backed by data. A focus pilot study carried out in 2015 showed that Brain.fm greatly enhanced visual pattern recognition and sleep quality for test subjects when compared to those who listened to placebo music or no audio at all.

A premium Brain.fm account includes full access to exclusive members-only content, as well as such features such as work progress tracking metrics. If you’re looking to improve your focus, sleep, and relaxation without any monthly fees, then consider a lifetime subscription for $50 from our DT Shop.

Buy it on the DT Shop for $50