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Set up your smart home network with the Samsung SmartThings Hub, now $80

Smart technology now dominates the world of phones, allowing us to manage our social lives, entertainment, and more from a single mobile device. With the increasing popularity of smart appliances from makers like Samsung, this integration of smart tech into our daily lives is now also entering the home. These smart home setups can be sophisticated and difficult to manage when you’re getting started, but if you are ready to take the jump, then user-friendly tools like the $80 Samsung SmartThings Hub make it easier to integrate your appliances and get the ball rolling with your own smart home network.

The second-generation Samsung SmartThings Hub is designed to be the brain of your smart home ecosystem, much like a wireless router serves to connect everything to your Wi-Fi network. The hub syncs wirelessly with a myriad of smart devices and appliances from Samsung and many other manufacturers. Connect to and manage your kitchen appliances, door locks, thermostats, motion sensors, alarm systems, lights, smart TVs, audio devices, and more.

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Samsung SmartThings HubThe official SmartThings app for iOS, Android, and Windows turns your phone or tablet into a remote control, giving you complete command of your smart home setup. Along with controlling your appliances directly, the app allows you to set up timers, activity notifications, and automation. You can also program your devices to turn on and off at certain times throughout the day with the SmartThings Routines feature. The hub works with the Alexa cloud service as well, letting you control your connected appliances with an Amazon Echo via simple voice commands.

Amazon is now offering the Samsung SmartThings Hub for $20 off its normal price, bringing it down to just $80. This model was rated very highly by PCMag and was named by The Wirecutter as the best smart home hub currently available. If you already own smart appliances or are considering taking the plunge into the burgeoning world of smart homes, then the Samsung SmartThings Hub is an affordable and user-friendly integration solution.

$80 on Amazon