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‘Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’ E3 2013 gameplay trailer

Despite the fact that Ubisoft announced AC4 well over three months ago, it wasn’t until now that the publisher released anything other than cinematic trailers. This week at E3 the company broke that trend with an action-packed gameplay trailer, signaling that the game’s development is on track for an October release date.

As far as abilities go, it doesn’t appear that AC4’s protagonist Edward Kenway boasts any radical new skills. What’s shown here is really just the same AC actions in a different setting – stuff like blending into the crowd, stalking a target, well-timed aerial murders, and wildly chaotic ship battles. That being said, the swashbuckling new characters and the stunning new settings are still enough to get us excited.

Stay tuned for more AC4 footage this week as we report back from E3 in Los Angeles.