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Latest ‘Kingdom Under Fire II’ trailers proves the game is alive and well

Kingdom Under Fire II has been in the works for a damn near eight years. The action-strategy title has seemingly endured shifting consoles and false starts since it’s initial inception, but as of E3 2014, the game is slated for release on the PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. A sequel to Blue Side’s Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom and the first game in the series since 2005’s Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, the forthcoming MMO title will feature many of the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessors, reveling in a welcome crossbreed of RPG and RTS gameplay. Players will be able to choose a side — either Human Alliance, Dark Legion, or Encablossa — and build an army in an effort to quell the bloody turmoil plaguing Bersia. The game will offer more than 100 different troopy types, ranging from archers and air units to infantry and Oliphaunt-like mammoths, with a cast of customization heroes to choose from. As seen from the latest gameplay trailer for the title, it still maintains its Dynasty Warriors flare as well, providing massive conflicts and expansive battlefields on which to fight them. Hordes rarely come this easy.

As previously mentioned, Kingdom Under Fire will be available for the PS4 and PC in late 2014.