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Battlefield: Hardline’s cops and robbers go ‘Into the Jungle’ for an October release

Battlefield: Hardline didn’t quite remain the secret that EA had hoped it would leading into E3, and now the publisher seems to be running with it. After credible rumors led to an “ok fine, it exists” confirmation from EA, complete with a placeholder website and the promise of more to be revealed at next week’s annual trade show, we’ve now got a proper trailer that confirms an October 21 release date and offers our first official look at Hardline‘s cops versus robbers action.

Much of what we know about the game so far comes from a leaked pitch video that laid out the key features of the game’s single player and multiplayer offerings. The video — which was eventually revealed to be older and perhaps not 100-percent representative of what’s in the game today — went into some detail on how lead developer Visceral Games (in collaboration with Battlefield creator DICE) would handle the story side of the game.

With this new “Into the Jungle” trailer, we still don’t have a full sense of game features, but the brief flash of scenes does convey a sense of the tone and overall style. We’ll know more soon enough, when EA reveals the game in full at its annual pre-E3 press conference on June 9.

And for those of you wondering, the music playing behind the footage is “Jungle,” from Jamie N Commons & X Ambassadors.