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‘Bayonetta 2’ E3 2013 trailer

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Any fan qualms about Bayonetta 2 can be laid to rest: The game is just as visually stunning and heavy-hitting despite its Wii U exclusivity. Officially confirmed in September, the new title will once again feature the scantily-clad witch known as Bayonetta, reprising her role as the ultimate angel killer alongside her friend Jean. The fluid, hack-n-slash mechanics are still intact, albeit this time atop freighter jets and subway cars, but the Devil May Cry nature of the combat system still strings together combos and special attacks like no other.

There’s a lot going on in the three-minute, over-the-top trailer. It features gaudy centaur-like monsters running on a jet-plane treadmill, pistol-equipped boots, and more hair than an ’86 Def Leppard concert. The ending battle segment even features a giant demonic dragon that sprouts from Bayonetta’s hair and lunges toward another massive creature pulling through some sort of swirling, airborne void. It’s as ridiculously stylish as it is pleasing though, showcasing hardware power we’ve rarely had a chance to see with the Wii U. Check out our Bayonetta 2 preview for our first impressions and a more in-depth look at the upcoming title.

Bayonetta 2 is coming to the Nintendo Wii in 2014.