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New ‘Fantasy Life’ trailer unveils the life you can lead

It’s tough to go awry when you have composer Nobuo Uematsu and artist Yoshitaka Amano, two Final Fantasy veterans, contributing to your title. Announced at E3 2014, Nintendo is bringing the Japan-exclusive Fantasy Life to U.S. shores, allowing players to build their own life through a series story-based missions and jobs in an open world teeming with other players. The adorable title will play much Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, prompting players to build their own house or castle, while additionally taking on careers spanning everything from a blacksmith to a seamstress. Like in its Japanese counterpart, players will also hone their combat skills and individual stats through a host of real-time battles. The trailer offers a quick glimpse at the title’s varying gameplay dynamics, showcasing a broad swath of careers and enemies in the process. Apparently, you don’t always have to tend the corn and livestock.

Fantasy Life will hit shelves and the Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 24, 2014.