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Minis return in newest ‘Mario vs. Donkey Kong’ trailer

It goes like this: Pauline and Mario are celebrating a new theme park in opening moments to Mario vs. Donkey Kong. The first 100 people in line get a free mini Pauline doll, but seeing as Donkey Kong arrives late and misses out, he naturally decides to kidnap the real Pauline instead. Therefore, it’s up to you to help  Mario and the Minis — toy versions of classic Nintendo characters — solve a series of 80 or so levels and save Pauline. As shown during Nintendo’s digital event at E3 2014, the upcoming title will allow players to manipulate enemies and environments using the GamePad, while additionally offering the ability to create new levels within the “miniverse” a la the recently-announced Mario Maker. Players can even share their creations with others once created, or simply star the best levels for a hint of prestige.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong will be available for Wii U in 2015, likely under a different name.