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E3 2012: Battlefield 3: Armored Kill trailer

While the above trailer isn’t strictly an Armored Kill pack trailer,  it does show off some of the gameplay and what players can expect in EA and DICE’s next DLC pack. Armored Kill is set to  drop in September (DICE wasn’t more specific than that) and follows the Close Quarters pack which was made available today for PS3 members who sign up for EA’s new Battlefield 3 Premium service. It is similar in some ways to Activision’s Call of Duty Elite offering up advanced features and content to those willing to pay for it.

Whereas close Quarters was all about small, infantry based combat; Armored Kill flips the script and brings the all-out war feel. This one will feature massive battlefields and all-vehicle combat. DICE is including a number of new tanks, helicopters, jets, ATVs, and mobile artillery units. We’ve read that Armored Kill will also include the largest map ever seen in a Battlefield game.

The Premium service is available now, and we have a few details about it here.