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E3 2012: Battlefield 3: Close Quarters trailer

EA originally announced the Close Quarters Battlefield 3 expansion back in March during the Game Developers Conference. They also announced two other packs; Armored Kill and End Game, neither of which has a release date at this time. 

Close Quarters is a collection of infantry-only maps built around tight environments. At GDC we had a chance to sit down with one of the maps, Ziba Tower: the upper stories of an office building, which features a pool, multiple balconies and cubicle spaces. Beyond Ziba, there are three other maps, ten new weapons, ten additional assignments and two new modes and new dog tags. The mode Gunmaster reminds us of the popular Counter-Strike mod “Gun Game” which had players playing with weaker guns and gradually leveling up to better weapons. The other mode “Conquest Domination” is a mix of Team Death Match and flag conquest. 

Playstation 3 owners who have Battlefield 3 premium can jump into Close Quarters now, but PC and Xbox 360 owners will have to wait as EA has yet to release a launch date for either system.