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E3 2012: Karaoke Joysound trailer

While most developers are more than ready to move on from the Wii, Konami still has some new games coming out for the system. One of those is the singing game, Karaoke Joysound

Like any other karaoke game, players pick songs from a variety of genres and eras and test their vocal scores against whatever range the game decides to rate them against. What makes Joysound different is the streaming network that comes attached with it. Konami claims to have over 1,000 different songs accessed via the Wii’s Internet streaming capabilities. However, you have to rent time to access the streaming service. 

Konami offers tickets in three forms; 24 hour ticket (for 500 Wii points), 3 days (1000 points), and 30 day tickets for 3000 points. Already out and popular in Japan, the Karaoke Joysound comes with microphone peripheral.

Karaoke Joysound will be out in the fall for the Nintendo Wii.