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E3 2012: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance – Riku and Sora trailer

It’s been a couple of years since the last Kingdom Hearts game and almost five years since the last console version of the popular series. Unfortunately for those holding out for a console version you’ll have to keep waiting. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, making it the seventh game in the series and the fifth on a mobile device.

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance puts players in control of series’ protagonists Sora and Riku. The duo must awaken a number of worlds in order to pass the “Mark of Mastery Exam.” If they can complete the test, the boys will be labeled as Keyblade Masters. 

Fans can expect the gameplay to be similar to previous Kingdom Hearts titles. Old standbys like Goofy and Donald Duck are returning along with new faces like the world of Tron: Legacy

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will be out for 3DS owners on July 31.