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E3 2012: Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance trailer

Unfortunately, the latest Kingdom Hearts game will not be on consoles, instead, fans will have to console themselves with a Nintendo 3Ds title. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance is the seventh title in the Hearts series, and the fifth that is a mobile title. 

In the latest game, players control series’ protagonists Sora and Riku. The returning heroes find themselves having to visit and awaken a series of worlds as part of their “Mark of Mastery Exam.” Completing the exam will mark them as Keyblade Masters. The worlds include Tron: Legacy, Pinocchio, and the Three Mouseketeers. Beyond familiar Disney characters you’ll be sure to see a number of returning villians and semi-good guys.

Dream Drop Distance will feature the kind of gameplay that fans of the series have come to expect. There are a couple of new features including using the AR function that the 3DS is equipped with. The AR allows players to pet and feed spirits, and play mini-games to improve the compatibility with the spirits. These spirits will accompany Riku and Sora during their journey to protect them from Nightmares. As we know, the spirits are pets that will act as battle mates in the game. 

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance will be out for 3DS owners on July 31.