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E3 2012: New Little King’s Story trailer

Konami has a slew of titles coming out for the PlayStation Vita in 2012. One of those is the RPG/real-time strategy title New Little King Story. The game is actually a sequel to the 2009 Wii game, Little King’s Story

In the sequel, young King Corbo has been usurped from his throne. Battling across several kingdoms, Corbo recruits royal guard members to win back his land from the evil monarch, “The Nightmare.” The original had players issuing commands to citizens to build up the kingdom’s structures and resources; this one seems a little closer to the action, so it’ll be interesting to see what stays the same from the original.

New Little King’s Story will feature a number of Vita-specific moves including gathering armies with the touchscreen and using the screen to direct battles. The new game will also feature a full day/night cycle that changes the world depending on the time. Konami says that DLC will be available via the PlayStation Network as well.

New Little King’s Story does not have a specific release date beyond “2012.”