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E3 2012: Rabbids Land trailer

Ubisoft’s insane rabbit-like creatures, the alien Rabbids, are practically synonymous with the Nintendo Wii. Since the game originally launched in 2006 alongside the Wii launch, the Rabbids have been one of the more popular, zany characters that comprise Nintendo’s long line of odd-ball personalities — the Rabbids might even be the craziest.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Rabbids will be making the leap to the Nintendo Wii U. In their latest bid to invade everything, the little guys are taking over an amusement park. 

Rabbids titles are known for their mini-games but Rabbids Land is going after more of a Mario Party feel. There are supposed to be over 20 attractions to free from the Rabbids’ grasp, and players are able to use the Wii U to steer, draw, apparently yell, and other different interactions.

Ubisoft says that if you can’t use the big screen, players can play the full game on the Wii U tablet. 

The Wii U launches in the fall and you can expect to see Rabbids Land around then.