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E3 2012: Rayman Legends trailer

Last year, Ubisoft brought Rayman out of semi-retirement (he’d been usurped by those crazy Raving Rabbids) with the multi-platform Rayman Origins. It brought with it a cartoony style and old-school gameplay that was tons of fun. It’s hard to tell how well Rayman’s return is doing with him spread over so many platforms, but Origins did right by the little guy.

Ubisoft isn’t putting the limbless hero back in the closet — he’s coming to the Wii U in Rayman Legends, a sequel to Origins that will arrive in the fall. Like in Origins, players can play characters other than Rayman, but this time they’re dependent on which controller players choose. For example, the Gamepad manuevers the fairy, Murphy, who can interact with a series of swipes and taps on the screen. Using the normal Wii-mote gives players access to Rayman and Globox for the traditional experience.

Origins attempted to go after something of a drop-in/drop-out co-op for friends, but it appears Legends will really solidify the concept. You can see in the trailer as Murphy helps adjust platforms for Rayman to jump on. The demo only shows multiplayer, so it’s unclear how a single-player campaign would work, or if there even is one.

It looks like a ton of fun, but Ubisoft hasn’t revealed if Rayman Legends will be as platform friendly as Origins. It will be WiiU launch title, so you can expect to see the game sometime in the fall.