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E3 2012: Skylanders Giants – Tall Tales trailer

Activision’s marketing ploy of pairing toys with games has been fairly popular with kids and, to an extent, older gamers. The first month that Skylanders was out, the toys were nearly impossible to find — it’s gotten better since then. It’s pretty pricey on the wallet if you’re into collecting all 34 characters, as each one costs around $8 (that’s $272 for the complete set).

This fall, Activision is coming after your wallet again with the sequel to Skylanders: Spiro’s Adventure in Skylanders Giants. What’s different about this one? Other than the fact that Activision will be introducing over 40 new characters, these new guys are all twice the size of the original toys. 

If you’re a fan you better start saving up for when the giants hit stores this fall.