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E3 2012: Sleeping Dogs trailer

There’s no new information on gameplay in the latest trailer for Square Enix and United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs, but it is a cinematic morsel that details a little bit of the plot and Officer Wei Shen’s slow break between his real job and his position as a member of a Triad gang in Hong Kong.

It’s also little graphic, so you might want to consider that when wondering whether or not to buy this one. Based on this trailer and previous ones, Sleeping Dogs won’t be pulling any punches, at least when it comes to gore and violence. 

We’ve had a couple of chances to go hands-on with Sleeping Dogs, so make sure to check them out to get a better idea of what the gameplay in this open-world brawler feels like.

Sleeping Dogs comes out later this summer on August 18 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.