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E3 2012: Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer

BioWare was more than likely planning on revealing new Star Wars: The Old Republic content at E3 as a general rule, but it’s coming at a much-needed time for the MMO. The game recently lost more than 400,000 subscribers in less  than two months, with a trend towards even more players leaving.

With that in mind, Bioware is offering a lot of content for players who are sticking around, while also attempting to entice new players to join. BioWare is changing or updating a number of things in SW:TOR including a new version of the hardcore difficulty mode for veterans, group finders, ranked PvP and increased level caps. In terms of content, BioWare is adding a new planet centered around the Hutt cartel, which will feature a number of new missions and a new companion, the HK-51 assassin droid. A new species, the Cathar, is being added as well.

The other big announcement from Bioware is that starting in July, everyone can play Star Wars: The Old Republic for free up to level 15. BioWare and EA haven’t stated when the content will be available beyond “in the coming months.”