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E3 2012: Your Shape trailer

The Nintendo Wii gained popularity with its unique controls and further managed to bring in a lot of people with its exercise games and equipment. Just look at the Wii Fit and its sales numbers, plus the balance board peripheral that came with it. 

Your Shape will be the Nintendo Wii U’s first fitness from Ubisoft, and is expected to launch with the Wii U when that comes out this coming fall. What Your Shape does differently is add a social component to fitness. The game tracks players’ levels, achievements, and statuses, which friends can see online. Like Facebook, users can like their friends’ achievements and status updates. They can also compete against each other to add some motivation to workout with the Wii U. 

Your Shape is supposed to feature a number of workout routines, from yoga and dance classes to jump-rope and cardio-boxing. It’s also supposed to allow users to customize workouts to their fitness level and desires.