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E3 2012: ZombiU trailer

When the Nintendo Wii U launches later this year, it won’t have a lot of launch titles to go with it. But Ubisoft has signed on and is actually producing a title for mature gamers in ZombiU. Taking place in an infected London, ZombiU is supposed to take advantage of the WiiU’s new tablet-controller. 

The game will be a first-person-shooter which uses the screen on the controller to add to the tension. Ubisoft is calling the controller the Bug-Out Bag (BOB); the “ultimate all-in-one survival kit for your tools, inventory, med kits, and maps.”

On the ZombiU website, Ubisoft lists a number of interesting features in ZombiU. For example, Ubisoft says that if you die in the game, you’ll wake up as a completely new character; and players will to have to recover their old BOB from their previous character, who is now a zombie. Another feature is the multiplayer mode, Suvivors vs. Zombies. The Zombie Master with a top-down view on the tablet-controller spawns enemies and traps while a second player fights for survival using a Wii controller in first-person view. 

The WiiU will be launching in time for the 2012 Holidays, so you can expect to see ZombiU around then, though there isn’t a specific release date at this time.