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E3 2013: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 trailer

Konami revamped Pro Evolution Soccer for the 2012 iteration, actually making it a worthwhile competitor to EA’s world-owning FIFA franchise. We gave it fairly high remarks despite some inconsistencies and poor player animations. 

After last year’s edition, Konami brought in a number of new team members to rejuvenate the franchise. PES 2013‘s new  features definitely reflect this. One of the bigger ones is better controls that offer more freedom to players, from manual passing to full manual shooting — of course, traditional shooting is still available. New animations provide options for dribbling, goalie movement, and defensive actions. Goalies have also gained the ability to manually pass the ball.

The feature that has a lot of fans excited is Player ID. Player ID is the digital recreation of some of the top players in world of futbol. Essentially, players like Ronaldo, Messi, and Ribery now run, shoot, and dribble as they do in real life, thus reflecting their individuality on the grass. PES 13 is supposed to have somewhere in the range of 40 to 60 players with Player ID, ranging from forwards to defensemen and goalies. 

It’ll be interesting to see if PES 2013 keeps up the goodwill that Konami bought last year with their improvements, but so far, it’s sounding good. Currently, there is no release date for PES 2013 but last year’s version was released in the October, so you can expect to see the new version around then.