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E3 2013: Skyrim – Dawnguard DLC trailer

Honestly, based on the recent trailers and images that Bethesda Softworks has been releasing, we were more than ready to assume that they were trying to incite Pavlovian drool in Elder Scrolls fans. Somewhat fortunately for fans, the latest trailer for the Skyrim expansion pack Dawnguard actually shows off the world of the new downloadable content. 

Dawnguard focuses on vampires and vampire hunters, revealing new enemies, a vampire form with wings, and the addition of crossbows to the game. At E3, Bethesda announced that Dawnguard would potentially be released for the Xbox 360 on June 26 for a price of 1,600 MS points (about $19.99 in US money). The PlayStation 3 and PC versions are expected to launch about a month later. We say “potentially” because Bethesda stated that the DLC would be released “as long as nothing goes wrong.” It’s something of an iffy statement, or perhaps, Bethesda just likes being cryptic.