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The Himalayas are begging for exploration in Ubisoft’s ‘Far Cry 4’

One of Ubisoft’s biggest E3 reveals was its Far Cry 3 successor Far Cry 4Gone are the island adventures as Ubisoft has decided to deploy its patented open-world exploration and warfare among a Himalayan-like backdrop. The mountainous locale should add plenty of new challenges and set pieces as players need to look out for not what’s just in front or behind them, but above and below.

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Ubisoft’s first in-depth trailer shows off Far Cry 4′s impressive next-gen graphics and its smooth gameplay. Back is the fan-favorite wing suit to go along with a wide variety of gadgets and tools at the player’s disposal. Players even have the ability to use massive elephants for large scale destruction.

Far Cry fans won’t have to wait long to explore the fictional mountainous region of Kyrat as Ubisoft plans to release the fourth installment on November 18.