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EA brings emotion to the pitch with FIFA 15

EA’s popular soccer franchise FIFA is back with its latest installment FIFA 15 and it’s better than ever. It’s become commonplace for EA Sports to improve upon the unbroken FIFA franchise year in and year out and after its E3 press conference it’s apparent this year is no different. 

For FIFA 15, EA has developed what they call “emotional intelligence” which sees the players respond to various happenings throughout a match. Players develop attitudes during plays and continue to build a personality as the game progresses. For instance, if a player is constantly getting shoved or pushed around they’ll likely get frustrated as the game progresses and their emotions will dictate future events. Missing close shots incites encouragement from your teammates but missing many opportunities or blown chances sees your teammates grow frustrated with you.

FIFA‘s soccer formula has seen much success and EA’s decision to add adaptive emotion makes this franchise even better. Fans of the series can expect to see this adaptive emotion in action when the game releases on September 23 on all next-gen and last-gen consoles.