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Latest ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept’ goes co-op crazy

Sony announced its plans to release a four player co-op expansion to the laudable next-gen Killzone: Shadow Fall during its press conference at E3 2014, providing four players the opportunity to take on a variety of roles in an effort to thwart the encroaching Helghast army. Recently detailed in our hands-on time with the forthcoming DLC, each player will be able chooses from one of four different soldier classes — Assault, Marksman, Medic, and Tactician — each of which features unique abilities that will seemingly interconnect with one another for new gameplay dynamics.

Furthermore, each distinct role can only be assigned to one person, ensuring balanced gameplay right out of the gates and creating constant variety within each match. Sony has also added a slew of trophies, bosses, and four new maps to the optional add-on, which is free to season pass holders. Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is scheduled for release on the PS4 on June 24, with a standalone version slated for Aug. 5.