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‘Mario Kart 8’ E3 trailer

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Mario Kart has never been your average racing game; let’s face it, you can’t shoot paratroopa shells at your opponents in Grand Turismo or Forza like you can in the Kart. Each installment of the franchise builds upon the simplicity and humor of its successor, adding new characters and features with every addition to the series. The trailer for the upcoming Mario Kart 8 confirms Nintendo’s next racing endeavor will be no different.

The footage shows the usual crew (Toad, Peach, DK, etc.) tackling similar environmental racetracks that could only be found in Mario Kart. Aside from the usual karts and motorcycles, it looks like Nintendo is throwing some Back to the Future 2 elements into the mix, incorporating hovercrafts and alternate gravity planes that let players race on the sides of walls or completely upside down.

The game also borrows elements from the 3DS-exclusive Mario Kart 7, such as the hang-glider that deploys during massive jumps and the underwater propeller, giving the title a much-needed upgrade and refresh after a series of meh titles. Nintendo President Satoru also confirmed the game will sport a wealth of new online modes and player interaction via Miiverse. Now, if only the game came bundled with a real-life Mario Kart

Mario Kart 8 will arrive on the Nintendo Wii U in spring 2014.