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‘Mario & Luigi Dream Team’ E3 2013 trailer

Nintendo wouldn’t be Nintendo if the Japanese company didn’t announce a new Mario title every time it had something to show off. This year, it happens to be Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, a surreal-yet-splendid RPG mashing the world-bending qualities of Inception and the humorous antics of the plumbers. The trailer showcases the game’s quirky concept, one in which Mario enters a sleeping Luigi’s dreams in attempt to rescue Princess Peach (yes, again).

Players will be able to control both characters simultaneously in the dream world, but you can also interact with Luigi separately on the lower DS screen as he sleeps. For instance, tug on Luigi’s mustache in the real world to launch Mario on the dream side of things. When you think about it though, Mario’s world has always been crazy enough without dream elements – just think about the those giant mushrooms.

Dream Team launches on the Nintendo 3DS on August 11.