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Phantom Dust Trailer signals a “Reimagined Version” of the 2005 classic

Microsoft originally released Phantom’s Dust in 2005 under the direction of Yukio Fatatsugi. A long-awaited remake of the title was expected when the company began rekindling conversations with Fatatsugi in 2013, and as confirmed during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press event, there is indeed a forthcoming Phantom Dust in the making. Microsoft didn’t confirm whether the game would be a remake or an original, but it did manage to say that the new Phantom Dust would be a “reimagined version of the beloved classic.” Nonetheless, it’s a welcome reboot of a cult classic.

The cinematic trailer shows many of the action-strategy title’s core elements at work, specifically helpings of dust and destruction. The dueling opponents, each adorned with supernatural abilities, appears to be brought back from the 2005 version in all its post-apocalyptic grandeur. Phantom Dust is scheduled for released on the Xbox One, likely sometime in 2015.