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‘Pikmin 3’ E3 trailer

cPikmin doesn’t have the monstrous clout of Mario or Zelda, but the inventive series was fresh concept when it debuted on the Nintendo GameCube in 2004. It seems game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has been itching to bring Olimar’s next journey to consoles for years, but he didn’t believe the original Wii hardware was capable of delivering the kind of fire power his vision entailed. It’s presumingly the same plot – a stranded alien scours a distant planet in search of fruit to save his struggling home planet – but at least we will now have some flying Pikmin and new environments to break up the humdrum of the strategy title.

The new trailer doesn’t show much of a visual overhaul, but the graphics running on the Wii U are still sharp, bright, and vibrant. Competitive multiplayer and co-op mode – a long-awaited feature – also make a debut amid the returning Onion ships, Pikmin armies, and giant, lamprey-esque sand worms. Unfortunately, the game will not have online multiplayer.

Pikmin 3 will hit shelves for the Wii U on Aug. 4.