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All-out galactic war comes to the PS4 in Planetside 2

Sony further solidified its announcement to bring its massively-multiplayer shooter, Planetside 2, to the PlayStation 4 during its press conference at E3 2014. The company’s developers have been working with Major League Gaming for some time now, fine tuning the game’s large-scale battles for competitive play alongside the likes of League of Legends and Call of Duty titles. Though the free-to-play game is currently out on the PC — and garnered our award for the best PC exclusive of 2012 — Sony’s developers say the PS4 rendition of the game will exhibit a greater levels of depth and enhanced graphics, while still chronicling the three warring factions as they fight for control of planet Auraxis. Like the PC counterpart, the title will facilitate up to 2,000 players in massive open-world battles across various landscapes and terrain via a melange of ground forces, airships, and tanks.

Planetside 2 slated for release on the PS4 in late 2014, with a beta release scheduled slightly earlier.