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Latest ‘Devil’s Third’ trailer offers blood, bronze, and more

Developing Devil’s Third couldn’t have been easy, especially after publisher THQ was forced to drop the title upon bankruptcy. Regardless, Tomonobu Itagaki — the acclaimed game designer behind the Dead or Alive series and the Ninja Gaiden reboots — pushed forward with his vision alongside his development to at Valhalla Game Studios. And now, after announcing the game more than four years ago, the studio finally shed some light on what is a now a Wii U exclusive. Showcased during IGN’s E3 livestream, the third-person action title will rollick in hack ‘n’ slash mechanics similar to those found in the aforementioned Ninja Gaiden series, following a former terrorist adorned with mutant abilities as he cuts down bosses who were once his allies.

The gameplay trailer is loaded with spewing blood, tattoos, and dismemberment, and as Itagaki pointed out during his presentation, the GamePad will play a pivotal role in competitive matches. Devil’s Third is still slated for release on the Wii U in late 2014. It should go without saying an “M” rating is also expected.