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‘Sonic: Lost Worlds’ E3 2013 trailer

Nintendo’s showing at E3 may have been a bit lackluster, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some promising titles amid the myriad games. One such – and our pick for the best Nintendo exclusive of E3 2013 — was Sonic: Lost Worlds, the next installment of Sega’s flagship series. The trailer features the classic blue hedgehog of yore, barreling his way through 2D and 3D environments donning the same green-and-brown aesthetics we’ve grown accustomed to seeing since Green Hill Zone debuted on the Sega Genesis. The game’s physics seem more akin to Super Mario Galaxy than past Sonic titles, with a heavy-gravity focus that keeps the hedgehog grounded while speeding through cylindrical levels and popping off a daisy-chain of star springs, but it’s a welcome improvement. Apparently, Sonic will also team up with the notorious Doctor Eggman to combat the Deadly Six (those pastel-like baddies in the beginning of the trailer).

I can’t say I’ve ever understood the company’s fascination with barnyard animals, but it’s nice to see Sonic sticking up for them once again. Sonic: Lost Worlds is coming to the Nintendo Wii and 3DS later this year, but check out our Sonic: Lost Worlds preview for a more in-depth look at the game.