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Star Wars Battlefront trailer generates excitement, reveals little about gameplay

EA revealed the new Star Wars Battlefront teaser trailer only moments into their E3 press event. The trailer showed a behind-the-scenes look at the DICE’s efforts to stay true to the Star Wars universe.

The trailer follows the DICE  team touring the archives at the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in San Francisco to get a sense of the actual weapons and vehicles because, as the DICE team explains, “there is so much love and detail in these [weapons and vehicles] that we want to get into the game.” It also showed the team visiting arctic and wooded locales, presumably Hoth and Endor, to capture the emotions of every environment.

Unfortunately, the trailer offered little in terms of actual gameplay footage. The limited in-game footage that was revealed, however, looks spectacular. Presumably the new game will continue with the well-loved series’ focus on large-scale multiplayer battles that combine both on-foot and vehicular combat. There’s no word yet on a release date. The trailer concludes with the deliberately vague statement, “see more Spring 2015.”