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Latest Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate trailer shows bigger, badder beasts

In a world overrun by monsters, it is up to you to slash, shoot, and battle the giant creatures in order to survive. Unlike the previous three installments in the series, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will allow you to connect with a network of friends in an effort to take back the world from the beasts. The game is essentially an upgrade of Japan’s Monster Hunter 4, one equipped with new weapon classes, expansive new locations, and the most robust monster catalog of any game in the franchise thus far. The game will feature the hallmark Monster Hunter formula, encouraging you to explore and capture various monsters in series of missions, along with the ability to mount and attack monsters from above. Capcom’s recently-released, cinematic trailer may not show actual gameplay footage, but does showcase the port’s gorgeous visuals.

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Monster Hunter is set to hit North American shelves and the Nintendo 3DS in 2015.