5 of the most exciting games from E3 2015 3:22

Resident gamer Joshua Smith managed to come up with his own list of the top five games to look forward to in the coming year. Find out which games made the cut in this game-by-game breakdown.

How Blizzard plans to resurrect Leoric for Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is receiving a major content update, this time themed after Diablo 3. We had the chance to see it first-hand, and can confirm that Leoric is the still the ultimate Skeleton King.
Product Review

Hands on: Oculus Rift Consumer Model

This is the Oculus Rift you'll be able to buy in 2016, and we just tried it at E3

Wii U Fatal Frame sequel debuts in North America this fall

Koei Tecmo-developed survival horror game Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is coming to North America later this year, Nintendo revealed as part of a string of E3 announcements this week

E3 2015 proves to be one small step forward for womankind

Last year saw serious controversy as women brought attention to their poor representation in both games and the gaming industry. The response to that is evident at E3 2015, and it's thankfully progressive.

Horizon Zero Dawn is even better than the mind-blowing trailer made you think

We took a closer look at Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games' open world post-post-apocalyptic game where primitive people hunt gigantic, robot dinosaurs with explosive arrows and net-guns.

Miss any game announcements from E3 2015? Get caught up in 3 minutes 3:06

Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft and Square Enix each satisfied hungry gaming fans with plenty of news and announcements at E3 2015. If you missed any of the highlights from the major developers press conferences, watch this three-minute…

The Last Guardian is an honest-to-god real game

The Last Guardian is a real game! We got to see creative director Fumito Ueda himself play through a live demonstration of the long-anticipated follow-up to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Sony unloads at E3 2015 with new franchises and The Last Guardian 4:02

Sony pulled out all the stops Monday night during its E3 presser, and treated fans to one of its most exciting conference events in years. It introduced a new franchise, showed the latest Uncharted 4 gameplay, and led with several…

Square Enix will bring Kingdom Hearts: Unchained to North American smartphones

Originally announced for Japan, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained will make its way to North American smartphones in the near future. It brings along a new art style and a story that will lay the foundation for Kingdom Hearts 3.

Here’s everything Electronic Arts unveiled during its E3 conference

Electronic Arts' E3 event featured a host of gameplay trailers and announcements, including the highly anticipated re-boot of the "Star Wars: Battlefront" franchise.

Watch everything Nintendo brought to its E3 2015 digital event in 4 minutes 4:09

Showing that it's just different, Nintendo skipped the big stage and thousands of onlookers for it's digital event at E3 2015. Instead, Nintendo let Muppet-like versions of it's most famous game designers show what is in store for…