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Sony PRS-300

We haven't had a chance to fully test this product yet, but we've assembled this helpful overview of relevant information on it.

With the Sony PRS-300 Sony offers an eReader with a 5 inch display. It supports both ePub and PDF which should allow you access to plenty of different eBooks. The battery should last about two weeks according to Sony. There is 512 MBs of internal memory, about 350 books worth. The PRS-300 features the E ink display. It also comes in several different colors like navy blue and rose.

Features List:

– 5 inch display

– ePub, PDF

– 512 MBS internal memory

– Silver, Navy Blue, Rose

– Two week battery life

– Quick page turns

– High contrast ratios

Digital Trend’s eReader Buying Tips:

Book stores and App stores

Making sure your device has an intuitive OS is important, but knowing that it has the books that you hope to read is vital. E-readers are tied to a single store. Before buying an e-reader, visit the Kindle or Nook websites to search for a few books you may want to read. Does your favorite device have the books you want? If not, consider the competition.


All of the most popular e-readers are under $400, and many low-end readers cost less than $100. Standard editions of the Kindle, Sony Reader, and Nook all cost under $200. Best of all, many of these devices have free lifetime 3G access built into them.

Choosing an OS

It’s very important to choose an operating system that is easy to use and intuitive for you. In e-readers, this means trying out devices (if possible) to see if you like the way each device navigates between books, chapters, and pages. Some e-readers, like the Sony Reader, require a USB connection to a PC to download books. If this is a problem, opt for a different device. If you’ll want new books while on the go or travelling, opt for an always-connected 3G device, like the Kindle.

What do you want to use it for?

Now that we’ve established some basics about e-readers, it’s time to figure out which type of device is best for you. The best way to do that is to ask yourself what features matter most to you and how you plan to use the device. E-readers are great for reading novels, newspapers, text-heavy magazines, and reading in direct sunlight.

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