For My Morning Jacket, The Waterfall just flows better in high resolution

On their new album The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket experimented with a number of different recording techniques to craft a different vocal treatment for every song, including Jim James’ signature “fish tanking” technique.

Where’s our wearable revolution? The state of tech’s biggest unfulfilled promise

In the last installment of Wear Next, we step back to look at how far wearables have come, promises left unfulfilled, and what’s ahead for this promising technology.

The secret to crash-proof self-driving cars? Getting them to talk to each other

Connected cars may well be the future of the automotive industry, but what exactly does that mean, and what will it look like? We wanted to find out.

How Miami Horror sculpted a post-disco dreamfest on All Possible Futures

After the bubbly pop of 2010’s Illumination, Miami Horror returns with All Possible Futures, a Talking Heads-inspired discodreamfest that definitely belongs on your summer playlist.

Digital Trends 2015 Car of the Year Awards

Digital Trends scoured the global market of new cars and awarded the best in the world in five different categories, along with the best infotainment system and engine of 2015.

Meet the hackers who smuggled the Netflix of piracy aboard your iPad

Popcorn Time, A.K.A. the ‘Netflix for torrents’ comes to iOS without requiring a jailbreak. It offers a lot of content and challenges Apple’s walled garden for apps. The controversial app is viewed as a danger by Netflix and studios…
Cool Tech

Why 3D food printing is more than just a novelty — it’s the future of food

3D printing has already taken off, but 3D food printing offers a host of revolutionary benefits that are only beginning to be explored and understood.

Taylor Swift is right: Music can’t survive if you don’t pay for it

Music has never been a steady path to fortune, but ad-supported streaming services like Pandora and Spotify are making it harder and harder for all but superstar musicians to survive.
Movies & TV

Interview: Will AI be dangerous or benign? It’s up to us, says Ex Machina director

In the sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, a young coder interacts with the world's first true artificial intelligence. Director Alex Garland talks with Digital Trends about how close humans are to achieving that dream, and whether it's really…
Movies & TV

5 things we miss about TV that the Internet totally ruined

We love Netflix, too. But our new TV-watching habits, ushered in by streaming sites, aren’t all for the best. Here are 5 things we miss about the old way of watching.

Squarepusher doesn’t just make electronica, he makes the software to make it

Electronica pioneer Squarepusher takes creative freedom so seriously, he wrote his own software to author the digital beats on Damogen Furies, his latest album.

Is cell phone radiation actually dangerous? We asked an expert

Could our cell phones and other wireless devices be increasing our risk of developing brain cancer and other conditions? A lot of scientists believe radio-frequency exposure is a growing threat that we should be aware of.