Sunny-side up or scrambled? To Fred Falke, Spotify and vinyl are just like eggs

“No matter how sad you get or what bad things happen, you have to keep going.” He’s got the touch — literally. Fred Falke set le bar for the French touch scene ’round the turn of the century with the throbbing wash of 808 PM at…
Health & Fitness

These clothes cool your body to trick you into burning fat — or at least they’re supposed to 4:00

If you want to lose weight, clothes like those from Thin Ice that is supposed to make you shed pounds just sitting around sounds too good to be true -- and not even the studies quoted by the company can make the claims true.

The update debate: Why the latest version of software isn’t always the best

Updating software is something we're always being prompted to do, whether it's driver updates on our desktops and laptops, or application patches on our smartphones. But is it always a wise choice? And are those that don't update regularly…

Too stressed for games? Watch whispering gamers play them on YouTube

If you're a regular YouTube viewer, there's a good chance you've heard of Let's Plays and ASMR, but did you know they sometimes cross over and create something new? We spoke with some of the leading creators of ASMR Let's Play videos.

The nation’s 10 best airports make holiday travel a little less awful

J.D. Power has named Portland International as the best large airport in customer satisfaction. The survey found overall satisfaction has improved since 2010.

Cage the Elephant stampedes back on Tell Me I’m Pretty (and it’s OK to stream it)

Matt Schultz throws away his characters and gets real on Tell Me I’m Pretty, the latest album from Cage the Elephant.

Climbing Mt. Everest in VR is so terrifying that my knees wobbled 0:49

I climbed Everest, thanks to the incredible power of the HTC Vive, Nvidia, and the team of FX experts responsible for the movie of the same name. It was utterly terrifying, but proof VR is the most exciting tech innovation we've…

Trice Imaging's Emergency Medicine Project saves lives at home and abroad

The Emergency Medicine Project uses portable tablet ultrasounds with Tricefy medical image sharing platform to give EMS and emergency room doctors a head start, while Trice's Mobile Ultrasound Patrol gives prenatal ultrasounds to women who…

Here's how Crytek and Oculus plan to bring VR to millions of gamers

VR development started small, but how will it grown into support for blockbuster titles? We spoke with David Bowman, Crytek's Director of Production, and Jason Rubin, Oculus' Head of Worldwide Studios, to hear their vision for the future.

How HTC went from smartphone trailblazer to barely breathing

From its early successes in smartphones to its epic rise to the top of the Android world and fast crash back to Earth, no company has a sadder story than HTC. Does it have what it takes to make a comeback?

For a fatality-free future, Volvo wants you to take your hands off the wheel

The way we drive will completely change over the next decade or so; think of it as the car 2.0. Sweden’s Volvo tells us it's getting ready for the shift by developing cars that are both autonomous and eco-friendly.
Cool Tech

The NBA is ready for virtual reality. Virtual reality is not

In an exclusive chat with Digital Trends, Melissa Rosenthal, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at the NBA, discusses the league's tepid enthusiasm towards virtual reality after launching numerous VR campaigns in 2015.