Why some waterproof gear wrecks the environment, and how to avoid it

Most outdoor apparel manufacturers use perfluorocarbons (PFCs) to make waterproof garments. These chemicals are harmful both to you and the environment. Here’s how to avoid them.
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: How to make a kick-ass pocket slingshot in an hour

Using nothing more than a hacksaw, an old soda bottle, and an ordinary balloon, anyone with a free hour this weekend can easily construct their very own marshmallow-shooting pocket slingshot.

Digital Trends Top Tech of IFA 2016 Award Winners 2:49

We have one of our largest crews ever at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin this year, and after roaming the halls and sitting in press conferences for days, here are our picks for the Top Tech of IFA.

Faith No More is back, and these punk rockers still care a lot

Faith No More is back with a suite of reissues and a hard-charging 2015 album, Sol Invictus. Bassist/producer Billy Gould called Digital Trends to discuss the band’s ever-evolving goals in the studio, how to challenge a live audience, and…

A man is selling Hackintoshes for $329, and he really hopes Apple won’t mind

Apple has always tightly controlled both its Macbooks and the operating system they run, OS X, but there is a group of people out there putting OS X on other computers. We speak with one man from the Hackintosh community about his new…
Home Theater

Samsung claims its latest TV breakthrough outshines OLED, and it’s cheaper

After dragging its feet on OLED while LG has flourished, Samsung has unveiled a new technology it claims will stand toe-to-to with OLED on black levels, outperform it in brightness and color, and be much, much cheaper.
Movies & TV

‘24: Legacy’ cast gives an inside look at your new obsession 3:49

Fox is once again reviving its 24 television series, although this time without Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer. The cast of the show new show chats with Digital Trends exclusively about what fans can expect from 24: Legacy.

Celebrate 100 years of National Parks by exploring them with these apps and gear

It’s been 100 years since the founding of the National Park Service, and we’ve round up the gear to bring along for discovering the beautiful landscapes and to safely get out of them.

Attending Monterey Car Week is like living in an Xbox racing game

From vintage Ferraris to bleeding-edge Koenigseggs, the most lusted-after cars in the world descend on Pebble Beach every year for Monterey Car Week, and the results will bend your perception of reality.

From cyberwarfare to drones, the future of conflict is electronic

More than 10 years fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan have radically reshaped our armed forces, and technology like drones, sensors and even more advanced fighter jets will make the next 10 years full of even more surprises.
Movies & TV

How animators made the entire animal kingdom talk in ‘Jungle Book’

The visual-effects team responsible for bringing talking animals to life in The Jungle Book explains how they created the creature FX in the Disney blockbuster.

Chris Robinson wants artists to storm Spotify HQ and ‘take whatever we want’

Chris Robinson, former frontman for jam-band the Black Crowes, on his slinky and psychedielic new album “Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel, out now in various formats via Robinson’s own custom label, Silver Arrow – and the price…