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After waiting 20 years for Dumb and Dumber To, Peter Farrelly is ready for a third

The Farrelly brother tells Digital Trends about the ups and downs of making a Dumb and Dumber sequel, nearly twenty full years after the original film's release.
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Why Silicon Valley needs Hollywood more than Hollywood needs Silicon Valley

Pundits and pontificators paint Silicon Valley as the new center of media thanks to titans like Netflix, but in the Entertainment 2.0 landscape, is it the guys who own the cables or the content who really hold all the cards?

For their last-ever album The Endless River, Pink Floyd recorded on a boat

Pink Floyd recently came together to record their last album of new material, The Endless River. And appropriately enough, they did it on a boat, embracing the latest recording technologies yet again.

Admit it: Fitness trackers are as much about showing off as working out

You work out, and you want people to know. As the sensors inside fitness trackers get smaller and smaller, we’ll never see them disappear completely, because projecting your commitment to fitness is an important part of why we love these…
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Rob Riggle isn’t a bad guy! He just plays one in Dumb and Dumber To

The Dumb and Dumber To star tells Digital Trends about his 'surreal' experience working with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, and also what Dead Rising fans can expect from his take on Frank West.

Kick out the jams, mofos: Secrets of Sunset Overdrive’s punktastic soundtrack

Digital Trends sits down with Insomniac Games' Marcus Smith for a look at the punk-fueled dynamic soundtrack the drives the action in Sunset Overdrive.
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The solution to football concussions may come from ‘a smartphone in your mouth’

The i1 Biometrics Vector MouthGuard not only protects a football player’s teeth, it uses microscopic electronics to detect impacts to his skull. And the resulting data is fundamentally changing the way the game is played.

Think outside the battery: Weird, clever, crazy tech driving green cars further

Paint that collects energy from the wind and sun, body panel batteries, and hybrids that run on air. These aren't sci-fi; they are actual automotive technologies.

Behind the scenes of OK Go’s mind-boggling new music video

We speak with OK Go about its newest video for "I Won't Let You Down," which employs hundreds of extras, robotic scooters, and drones to show us something we've never seen before.
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To keep TV shows alive, viewing is voting. But what’s the best way to watch?

Watching your favorite show on Netflix and buying an episode from iTunes are not created equal. Which will help keep the best shows on TV around for another season? We ranked eight different ways to watch.

For Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, feeling ‘in the room’ is the pinnacle of hi-fi sound

From Aerosmith cofounder to solo artist and back again, Joe Perry has seen – and heard – it all. With the release of his new book, Perry delves even deeper into the fascination with sound that has shaped his entire career.

Slick features, universal compatibility give the Microsoft Band a fighting chance

While other fitness bands are fighting to be the cheapest, Microsoft wants to conquer the top of the market with a band that has unique features, works with any platform, and yes, costs more.