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#SneakerHeads: How a new generation of sneaker fans are taking over the Internet

Cash rules everything around sneakers, but SneakerCon proves the sneaker culture is all about the people, but it wouldn't run without the power of the Internet.

After 8 years percolating in his brain, OMI’s hit Cheerleader was just the beginning

“My voice is different. It’s distinctive. There’s nothing to compare it to.” The summer of 2015 may be long-faded into the rear view, but some of its hot sounds remain as fresh now as when we first heard them — sounds like those…

Public Enemy’s Chuck D is still fighting the man (but not Spotify)

Rap royalty Chuck D explains why Public Enemy’s new album Man Plans God Laughs runs only 29 minutes, why he’s not afraid of Spotify, and why he doesn’t believe in feeling pressure.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann talks Urus, and why the Huracan Spyder has a soft top

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann gave us insight into how the upcoming Urus will differ from the Bentley Bentayga, how Lamborghini owners use their cars, and why the Huracan Spyder doesn't have a removable hard top.
Cool Tech

Meet Poppi, the airline that wants to fix everything awful about air travel

Poppi, an airline concept, introduces disruptive startup concepts for today’s airlines that could change our perceptions of air travel.
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Game of Thrones’ Ian Beattie looks back at the bloody, award-winning season 5

Digital Trends' Mike Mettler sits down with Game of Thrones actor, Ian Beattie, to discuss what it was like making the series' successful -- and bloody -- fifth season.

Can you really walk and work? I tried a treadmill desk for 6 months to find out

What is it like to work at a walking desk every day? We found out, after we installed a full treadmill desk in the office here at Digital Trends.

Are screens scrambling our kids’ brains? We asked an expert

Are your kids constantly glued to a tablet, smartphone, or TV? Do you know what they’re watching? What are the potential negative effects of unrestricted media use? We asked an expert how much screen time is too much.

Vinyl or Spotify? Neither. Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue is a cassette man

Alt-rock icons Mercury Rev are back after seven years with The Light in You, and while the musical landscape has changed, Jonathan Donahue’s lust for cassettes has not.

2015 Digital Trends Home Awards

The Digital Trends Home Awards brings together the best in appliances and smart-home devices.

Think the floppy disk is dead? Think again! Here’s why it still stands between us and a nuclear apocalypse

Tom Persky is apparently the last man still selling floppy disks at a national scale. We asked him what makes the format so hard to drop for a handful of users -- including embroiderers, the aviation industry, and the Department of Defense.

K-OS rapped into iPod headphones for his latest album, and you would never know

Canadian rapper K-OS redefined “lo-fi” by recording all the vocals for his latest album, Can’t Fly Without Gravity, on his iPod headphones. And you probably wouldn’t have even noticed.