Custom car guru Chip Foose talks shop on his legendary 30 year career

Chip Foose is an icon in the world of customized automobiles. With 30 years in business and a double-armful of awards to show for it, we asked Foose to reflect on where he’s been and where he’s going next.
Movies & TV

As Netflix says ‘no’ to streaming abroad, viewers skirt the rules … or leave

Netflix users are skirting its ban on international streaming with VPNs, but Netflix is stamping them out as soon as they pop up. Where does this end?

Need a couch to crash on? Overnight mixes Airbnb with Uber on-demand

Overnight combines the best of Airbnb and Uber: connecting spontaneous travelers with local hosts instantly. The service, which has seen success in Los Angeles and Austin, is rolling out to California's Coachella Valley.
Cool Tech

Ghost ship: Stepping aboard Sea Hunter, the Navy’s unmanned drone ship 3:50

With production of its autonomous surface vessel finally finished, DARPA officially unveiled its Sea Hunter submarine-tracking drone ship on a dock in Portland. The rig will soon head to San Diego for two years of testing.

Who's keeping your data safe? With bug bounties, it's would-be hackers

Bug bounty hunters want to make the iInternet safe for everyone in exchange for cold hard cash, but are these programs everything they're cracked up to be?

If extended warranties were a good deal, they wouldn’t need to sell them

Many people want to sell you an extended service contract on your car. If the contract was a good deal for you, they wouldn’t have to give you the hard sell. Do yourself a favor: Tell them to go away.

Montreal’s Essaie Pas push the limits of what you can do with a synth

Electronic duo Essaie Pas deliver their own take on modern-retro chic on their new album, Demain est une autre nuit.

BMW is returning to its M car roots and ushering i-Performance into the spotlight

Promising consolidation and simplification, BMW sits down with Digital Trends at the New York Auto Show to discuss a return to M brand’s roots and an iPerformance future.

A rare peek at Presto, Pixar’s secret weapon for animation domination

Everyone loves the vibrant worlds and characters of Pixar, but behind each Dory and Buzz Lightyear is a powerful set of software and hardware tols. Pixar gave attends of GTC 2016 a rare look at how its in-house technology works.

Rosario Dawson on politics, youth, why the Internet is making us cavemen again

Hispanicize Latinovator award winner Rosario Dawson explains why youth trumps race in politics, and how the Internet is actually returning us to the communal past our ancestors used to share.

How the Force 1 went from fantasy to carbon-fiber reality in record time

Acclaimed vehicle and yacht designer Henrik Fisker and Viper Racing Exchange founder Ben Keating ive Digital Trends the full download on their Force 1 Supercar passion project.