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How American athletes teamed with BMW engineers to craft the ultimate bobsled

After more than 75 years without a gold medal, the American two-man bobsled team walks into Sochi with its best chances in years, thanks to a BMW-designed sled that probably puts the aerodynamics of your sports car to shame.

Health & Fitness

How Shaun White and other Olympians are going for gold with GoPros

GoPro cameras have gone from a staple of amateur YouTube stars to a real tool for elite athletes, who are using them to refine their techniques at the Olympic level.


Shoot, ski, record: How biathletes use tech to stay on target

The biathlon may have originated from the hardship of life in Scandinavia, but in modern times, tech helps athletes master the sport’s unique demands.


To shave fractions of a second, lugers turn to GoPros and computer design

When you race down an icy track on your back at upwards of 80 miles an hour, even the slightest design tweaks and training tips can make the difference between victory and catastrophe.


Taking a spin on Ryno’s one-wheeled, self-balancing electric ‘microcycle’

Chris Hoffmann took his 13-year-old daughter’s sketch from a dream to a real, self-balancing, one-wheeled motorcycle that you can ride. And now he's ready to sell it to the world.


You don’t need 10 exposures to capture nature shots this amazing (just patience)

Benjamin Edelstein spends a lot of time combing national parks across the country. It's in these parks where he captures nature's stunning beauty. He talks to us about what inspires him, and how he gets that shot.


Blueshift’s bamboo Bluetooth beauty ditches D cells for supercapacitors

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, but none of them are remotely like Sam Beck's Blueshift speakers. With a recently successful crowd-sourced funding campaign and $36,000 in his pocket, Beck is setting out to produce one of the most unique speakers we've ever…

Home Theater

How ‘Lone Survivor’ turns audiences into complicit warriors

We chat with some of the stars and real-life Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell about how the devastating story told in Peter Berg's based-on-truth film Lone Survivor speaks to an ongoing evolution in military storytelling.


How do you build the world’s finest iPad case? As fast as you can

When you’re sprinting after a company like Apple, there’s no time to catch your breath. Here’s how Grove builds the world’s classiest iPhone and iPad cases from wood in record time, thanks to a crazy workshop, a team of hands-on creative geniuses, and…


Does shooting the biggest bands in the industry ever stop feeling surreal? Nope

Despite having shot for influential music magazines and photographed famous bands of the moment, Lindsey Byrnes still feels she is "up and coming" and has some ways to go in her career.


Inside the most connected sports venue in America (and, no, it ain’t Cowboys Stadium)

Wednesday night, Sporting Kansas City looks to topple rival New England to move on in this year’s MLS Cup. When they take the field, they’ll be surrounded by one of the most vocal – and connected – fan bases in all of sports.

Health & Fitness

To boldly go where no social media fan has gone before (and then post selfies about it)

A NASA rocket launch used to be the stuff of hard-hitting science journalism, but in an era when the agency's social media division heads up some of its most successful missions, that's changing in weird and wonderful ways.

Social Media

Dog sweaters are still dumb, but dog tech can turn Fido into a K9 cyborg

Technology designed for dogs and other pets isn’t just a gimmick – it’s fundamentally transforming the way we communicate with our furry best friends. And that’s just the beginning.

Cool Tech

There is such a thing as a badass scooter, and Works Electric calls it the Rover

In a tiny workshop outside Portland, Oregon, one man builds the only scooter you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen on. We visited the shop to take it for a spin.

Cool Tech

Where do the stars of ‘GTA V’ rank among pop culture’s great anti-heroes?

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ has made a predictably loud impact on the pop culture economy with its gangbusters release. Can it make a similar impact on pop culture?