Ride along as we test 15 of this year's top cars to find the best of the best 12:25

For the annual Digital Trends Car Awards, we gathered the best cars in seven different categories, put them in charge of our crack team of car editors, and let them loose to decide which truly reigned supreme.

Are your food photos bland? Liza Gershman explains how to add some sizzle

Food has become such a popular subject for casual photographers that it has contributed a lot of noise online. Food photographer Liza Gershman shows us how to make standout grub shots.
Cool Tech

Who’s to blame when your hoverboard bursts into flames? It’s complicated

You may assume anything you can buy in a store is safe, but safety certifications like UL are actually totally voluntary, and some of them don't mean nearly as much as you think they do.

Gary Barlow didn’t just meet his ’80s heroes, he made a retro album with them

How do you make an ‘80s album in 2016. For Gary Barlow, the answer was simple: Round up your music heroes, put them in a studio, and let them loose.

How esports are going from laughingstock to phenomenon

Esports used to be a Korean phenomenon that Americans eyed with curiosity, and occasionally, disdain. But that’s rapidly changing as esports get big, and go mainstream.
Home Theater

To finally conquer speakers, Samsung built this secretive sonic skunkworks

Samsung's new lab takes science to the max in a lofty attempt to become the number one name in audio, world wide. Take a tour of the state-of-the-art facility to explore Samsung's new plans for audio domination.

Why the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans is such a big deal to Ford

Ford’s all-out assault on the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the biggest story at the race this year, and it’s been five decades in the making. Here’s why this year’s Le Mans race is so important to Ford.

The Xbox and PC are closer than ever, but still not close enough

Microsoft focused its big E3 2016 announcements on crossplay with Windows 10 PC, promising 10 titles that can be enjoyed on either an Xbox or a computer. But has the company waited too long to pursue this path?

Lamborghini’s Italian Tour is the ultimate weekend getaway for car and food lovers alike

The Lamborghini Italian Tour is a three-day road rally with a focus on experiencing the best cars, food, and scenery that Italy has to offer. Digital Trends drove a Huracán in the first wave of this year's Tour.

For Max Jury, boy bands gave way to soul singers as he discovered his own voice

After releasing two successful EPs, Max Jury went from writing and recording songs in his basement to laying down tracks in the legendary Electric Lady studios in New York. The 24 year-old singer/songwriter's self-titles debut album was…
Movies & TV

As TV cuts commercials, product placement is worming its way into your shows

As SNL’s plans to trade commercial airtime for sponsored segments from ad companies next fall commences, what will this new ad innovation mean to the entertainment world at large?