Beware: Previous owners of used smart home gadgets may still have access to them

When you buy a used smartphone, there’s a pretty good chance it will be wiped of the previous owners’ data and access. The same isn’t true of smart-home devices.

Jim Eno of Spoon gives us the scoop on ‘Hot Thoughts’ and streaming music

Spoon drummer Jim Eno talks with Digital Trends about the overall sonic template for Hot Thoughts, the band's first studio effort in three years, the ongoing importance of album sequencing in the streaming era, and more.

How autonomous vehicles will forever change how we buy, own, and insure cars

In the brave new economy of autonomous electric cars, you may never own the car you drive -- and that has the potential to disrupt the entire automotive economy.

Good, beta, best: How beta tests help shape games like ‘Gwent’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls: Legends’

We spoke to the developers of Gwent and The Elder Scrolls: Legends to find out about the role public beta tests play in preparing balance-heavy multiplayer games for primetime.

The Energy Star program saved you money for 25 years, but budget cuts could kill it

President Trump’s budget proposes cutting the EPA’s Energy Star program, which has a widely recognized logo that tells people the products they are buying are energy-efficient, and keeps manufacturers accountable.

I loaded my condo with tech – and discovered smart homes still need a lot of work

I’ve lived in the Digital Trends smart apartment for six months. I found things I loved about it -- and also things I loathed about it.

Google’s plan to speed up mobile webpages is just getting started

AMP, Google's effort to accelerate mobile pages throughout the world wide web, is expanding significantly in the coming months. We sat down with product manager Rudy Galifi to talk about it.

How an English proverb shaped the fast-yet-forgiving McLaren 720S

The 720S marks the first time that McLaren replaces one of its cars, so getting it right was indispensable for its credibility. One of the company's top executives told us what went into developing it, and how it stands out from the 650S.

Is this the anti-smartphone? Siempo's phone cuts out distracting notifications

Siempo isn't like most other smartphones on the market. Instead of inundating you with notifications, it encourages mindfulness by limiting the number of distracting emails, text messages, and other alerts you receive each day.
Movies & TV

Derek Waters: How a cocktail of YouTube, Hulu, and booze made ‘Drunk History’ a hit

Drunk History wouldn’t be a Comedy Central hit today without YouTube, which launched the concept, and Hulu, which introduced the series to cord cutters. Waters talks about why technology makes for exciting times for comedians in this…

The history and future of 3DMark, the world’s most popular gaming benchmark 2:16

No company has measured the capabilities of more gaming PCs than Futuremark. We sat down with the company’s Commercial Director, Jani Joki, to ask him about the company's history and how it goes about making a benchmark.

How the Bonx Grip walkie-talkie helps a blind athlete take on the toughest terrain

Designed to alter the way athletes communicate with each other, the Bonx Grip wearable walkie-talkie is a "game changer" for blind bikers.