Addicted to your smartphone? This app developer explains why

Raefer Gabriel, the CEO of smartphone app builder Delvv, explains how smartphone addiction, coupled with information overload, could be affecting our overall quality of life.
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: Got an old cardboard box? Make your own VR goggles for under $10

Thanks to Google, you can now get your hands on a fully functional cardboard VR headset for around 20 bucks -- sometimes even less. That's pretty damn cheap by most people's standards, but what you might not realize is that you can build a…

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett stomps on Spotify’s inferior sound

We speak with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, who tells us about his love of vinyl, why MP3s sound so bad, and the awesome new guitar pedal he designed.

Lamborghini’s CEO talks tech, record sales, and Lambo’s first luxury SUV

We talk to the head of Lamborghini about the upcoming Urus SUV, record-breaking sales, and the mysterious “Centenario”

Before robots get smarter, they must learn to say ‘no’

Artificial intelligences and helper robots could well be the defining technological breakthrough of the 21st century, but much work is required to ensure they'll respond reliability and behave ethnically.

Remodeling barely scratches the drywall of what VR can do for your home

At the 2016 International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas, builders are embracing virtual reality as a way to get customers hooked on structures that don’t even exist yet, and perfect them before the first brick is laid.

Catching up with The Struts, the breakout band that’s bringing back glam

The Struts are touring North America and Digital Trends had a chance to sit down with the band that's bringing back glam rock in a big way.

Auto insurers desperately want your driving data, but should you give it to them?

Automotive reporting devices are sold to you by promising a discount on your auto insurance, but what you’re doing is giving up control of a surprising amount of information about you, and that information can and will be used against…
Home Theater

VR puts your eyes in another world; Sennheiser Ambeo brings your ears along

We sat down with Dr. Andreas Sennheiser to find out more about Sennheiser's new 3D immersive sound system, Ambeo. From VR gaming to surround sound recording, and everything in between, this comprehensive new system is all about immersion.

Don’t get bored, and don’t grow up. Matt and Kim lay out their simple rules

We sat down with the dynamic electric-pop duo, Matt and Kim, to discuss what makes their music and live performances so infectious. It turns out, the key to capturing fans is much simpler than you may have thought.

What was it like to work with Bowie? Meet the man who mixed Ziggy Stardust

“That’s been his entire career — he said whatever he wanted.” Ground Control to Major Tom: David Bowie has bid adieu, and there’s nothing we can do. The legendary recording artist, actor, and all-around creative chameleon passed…