Exclusive: This company has the perfect cure for streaming video

Peer5 has struck a deal with DailyMotion to use peer-to-peer networking tech to deliver streaming video. The tech could help alleviate congestion that occurs when millions try to watch a stream at the same time.
Social Media

3 ways social media is warping politics more than ever

We may treat politics as a spectator sport on Facebook and Twitter, but our reactions there are feeding back into the system and changing the process more than ever.

How ‘Myst’ co-creator Rand Miller puzzled players again in ‘Obduction’

Find out about the challenges of devising puzzles for games like Myst, Riven, and Obduction from designer Rand Miller — and discover how the development process influences his approach.

Going for a ride in Ford’s self-driving car

Automakers and tech companies believe autonomous cars are the future, but what is it actually like to surrender control to a machine? I hopped in a self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid to find out.

The Pixies are dead, long live the (new) Pixies

We spoke to the Pixies lead guitarist Joey Santiago about the band's upcoming record Head Carrier, a magnificent second comeback from one of the indie music world's most beloved bands.

Quantum computing will make your PC look like a graphing calculator

infried Hensinger likes Star Trek. “It goes all the way back to primary school,” said the director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies in England. “I wanted to be science officer on the Enterprise, so I worked…
Cool Tech

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Atomizing faucet nozzles, robot hands, and more

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Tomorrow’s modular, upgradable consoles will be quicker …. and more confusing

With both Sony and Microsoft releasing updated versions of their consoles, is there a possibility that the next Xbox and PlayStation will be modular?

Snake oil software, or how SoftRAM hoodwinked the world

The release of Windows 95 saw the rise of SoftRAM, which claimed to improve a PC's memory. It did nothing, but that didn't stop it from becoming a best seller. The story of its rise and fall provides a warning still worth heeding today.
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: Build an old-school lightbulb from pencil lead and a jar

By using little more than eight D-cell batteries, a glass Mason jar, and a graphite pencil needle, anyone can easily piece together their own electric light bulb this weekend and make Thomas Edison proud.
Virtual Reality

Are you ready for some VR football? Fox kicks it off this weekend

Fox Sports explains how LiveLike technology opens the door for a socially-driven college football experience – in virtual reality

When it comes to live shows, Groves believes that if you stream it, they will come

Electro-rock trio Groves blend classic rock instruments with electronic sound to create their own sound. The band recently caught the attention of Boy George and toured with Culture Club. They view streaming as a way to attract more fans to…