Cool Tech

Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and this is what you’ll get

By retrofitting industrial robots with 3D printing guns and artificial intelligence algorithms, Ai Build has constructed machines that can see, create, and even learn from their mistakes.

Porsche is going electric, but the flat-six isn’t going away

Porsche is making significant investments in electrification. The company now sells two hybrids and it's developing an all-electric sedan, but flat-four and -six engines are here to stay.

Before he blinded us with science, Thomas Dolby was dumpster diving for synths

Thomas Dolby helped legitimize electronic music with tracks like She Blinded Me With Science, which was accompanied by a hit music video on the bourgeoning MTV network. He was also an early proponent of music sharing via the internet.

We flew to Shenzhen to experience China’s insane electronics bazaar firsthand

We’ve all bought gadgets for too-good-to-be-true prices from Chinese online retailers, but what do these places even look like behind the screen? We flew to Shenzhen to find out.

How California DJ SNBRN made Sunset House music catch fire

Sunset house blends of real instruments like piano, strings, and horns with synths and samples to create the duskiest of sonic vibes — it’s the smoothest electronic dance music yet. DJ SNBRN explains where it came from and where EDM is…
Movies & TV

'Falling Water' creators: GOT and Mr. Robot helped get TV ready for a show about dreams

Gale Anne Hurd and Blake Masters, creators of new USA Networks show 'Falling Water,' spoke with Digital Trends at a recent private event surrounding the debut of the new show. The creators explained how 'Game of Thrones' helped the show get…
Home Theater

‘Say Yes!’ Elliot Smith lives on in Joe Spadaro’s latest killer compilation

Say Yes: The Music of Elliott Smith is the latest in a long lineup of killer compilations from Joe Spadaro, who spoke to Digital Trends about American Laundromat Records, his iconic basement operation.

You can’t always win in ‘Battlefield 1,’ and that’s the point

With Battlefield 1, developer DICE has traded in the series' modern motifs for a historical setting - World War I. The effects of that change reach far deeper than the game's art.

ZTE wants you to design its next product with Project CSX — Vote now!

ZTE has a master plan to shake up the mobile industry with a daring new crowdsourced competition called Project CSX. Anyone can submit ideas for the next great mobile product to ZTE, and the company will make it.
Movies & TV

‘Gotham’ Actor Sean Pertwee talks season 3, video game acting, and Xbox love

Actor Sean Pertwee tells us about the challenges of bringing a younger, tougher Alfred Pennyworth to life in ‘Gotham,’ as well as his video game acting and his penchant for Xbox.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle is far from over

Samsung needs to stand up for its customers and end the production, sale, and promotion of the Galaxy Note 7 in light of the exploding battery issue. The Note 7 is dead, but Samsung doesn't have to be buried with it.

As billionaires ogle Mars, the space race is back on

SpaceX, Blue Origin and NASA all want to put humans on Mars, and with competition heating up, it may go down in less than a decade.