With zero interest in smartphones, Nokia is betting big on VR and health

Nokia Technologies came around when Microsoft bought Nokia's mobile division. For two years, the company has been devising a strategy around digital health and virtual reality. We sat down with President Ramzi Haidamus to flesh out Nokia's…

Stream it if you want, but Garbage’s new album is no ‘digital-disposable’ throwaway

On Strange Little Birds, Garbage strips back their usual layered approach for a raw, dark sound straight out of Butch Vig’s basement.

Slippery when wet: Here’s what to do if your car hydroplanes

Driving in the rain can be extremely dangerous if you’re not prepared. We asked professional racing driver Andrew Comrie-Picard for tips about how to deal with hydroplaning and what type of tires you need.

What happens when anyone can code? We’re about to find out

Drag-and-drop programming tools like Ready could teach anyone to code, and make creating apps as easy as creating a newsletter or website. And in creation, there’s power.

#FreeTheMotoZ: Verizon’s exclusive on both Moto phones is total BS

Carrier exclusives are draconian measures that limit the amount of people who can buy smartphones and trap great devices on one network. Now the Moto Z is stuck on Verizon with a carrier exclusive.

Why isn’t the digital economy making life better? Douglas Rushkoff has an answer

The digital economy was supposed to make us all rich, except instead, it’s amplifying the worst parts of our old economy? How do we fix this? Douglas Rushkoff has some ideas.

Building An ICON: How Jonathan Ward turns classic beaters into collector marvels

ICON 4x4 produces some of the most beautiful, capable, and unique vehicle restorations on the planet. Digital Trends spent the day with designer, gearhead, and ICON founder Jonathan Ward to get the scoop on his shop’s outlandish process.

Windows 10 may be free, but it’s crammed with tricks that make Microsoft money

Windows 10 may be a free upgrade, but it's not a charity. Here are a few money making schemes that help explain why Microsoft is pushing this OS so hard.
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Wil Wheaton thinks streaming will be the big bang for a new era of TV

Wil Wheaton's 30-year career has led him to a new comic series streaming exclusively on PlayStation Network. In our interview, Wheaton discusses his love for comics, how The Big Bang Theory has changed his fame, and how streaming is…

Marshawn Lynch puts rumors to rest, tells us he is absolutely retired from football 2:20

After rumors circulated on the web of a potential comeback, former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch told us he's officially retired and has no plans to play football again. Instead, Beast Mode wants to focus on helping people.
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How Rhys Darby flew from Conchords to The X-Files, and Netflix’s new Voltron 0:44

This week, Dreamworks Animation introduces Voltron to a new generation in Voltron Legendary Defender, a Netflix It's anseries that combines cutting-edge animation, a refreshed and rebooted origin story, and an impressive cast of…

Why did Blizzard craft an engrossing story for Overwatch, then toss it away?

Blizzard's Overwatch is one of the best competitive shooters ever made, but due to the freedom to choose any character at any time, its story and gameplay can never truly reconcile.