How ‘No Man’s Sky’ composes completely original music for every player

The musical variations of No Man's Sky's music is just as vast and varied as the game itself. Hello Games and 65daysofstatic explain how they made it.
Virtual Reality

Dlodlo's VR headset is trying to make a dodo out of all of us

Beyond just looking good, the Dlodlo V1 has specs that compete with headsets from Samsung, Google, and others. Digital Trends had a chance to test out the new glasses, and spoke with the company CTO through an interpreter. We remain ……

For tomorrow’s cars, going driverless is just the beginning

Yes, your next car will drive itself. But it will also run on electricity or hydrogen, talk to the cars around it, and maybe you won’t actually own it at all.

Say what? A guide to Microsoft's mind-melting jargon

Try as it might, Microsoft struggles to communicate clearly. Some Microsoft announcements read like another language entirely, which can cause problems, and occasionally even starts rumors.

Green godsend or political ploy? The truth about ethanol in your gas

97% of U.S. gasoline contains ethanol, but the effects of ethanol and the reasons for its inclusion are not well-known. We take a deeper look at the sources and reasons to put ethanol in your gasoline.

As other musicians ran from streaming, German DJ LCAW built his career on it

Leon Christoph Alexander Weber grew up surrounded by classical music, but after embracing electronic music and the moniker LCAW, the German DJ built a career on streaming.
Social Media

10 comedians you should be watching live-stream on Facebook

Facebook Live is a global live-streaming phenomenon, and no one is using it to interact with fans quite like comedians. This list brings together the most frequent (and funniest) live-streamers on Facebook that are sure to make you laugh.

Introducing DT10, our look back at a decade of tech, and into the future

To celebrate its 10th birthday, Digital Trends is proud to unveil the DT10. Over the next few months, we’ll take a look at the world around us, examining how it’s changed over the past 10 years and thinking about where it’s going…
Movies & TV

Who is Reddington? ‘The Blacklist’ creator Jon Bokenkamp teases the truth

In an exclusive interview with Digital Trends,The Blacklist creator Jon Bokenkamp talks about the end of series 3, where the show’s going for season 4, and why Blu-ray surround sound offers the ultimate way to watch.

Sony Square NYC is a gadget playpen, and a peek into the future

Sony wants you to come out and play with its latest gadgets – including a few you can’t even buy yet – at its swanky new New York City ‘Sony Square.’

Why you should wait to play ‘We Happy Few’

Everything about the early access version about We Happy Few suggests its going to be a fantastic, immersive experience, which is exactly why you should wait until it's done before playing it.
Virtual Reality

Artistry meets circuitry inside 'The Lab,' HP's trippy tech-art playground

The inaugural Panorama Music Festival was a music festival like none other, but not because of the music. Much of the credit goes to The Lab, a massive hub of seven immersive and interactive exhibits attendees could get lost in.