Virtual Reality

Want to learn how to perform surgery? You need one HoloLens, stat!

Surgeons around the world are preparing to enter the incredibly pressured environment of an operating theater using an app called Touch Surgery, and now the company's embracing mixed reality technology.

These tech innovations will keep photo prints alive

As more photos are being taken but fewer photos are being printed, Nations Photo Lab CEO Ryan Millman discusses what's next for the industry. The key, he suggests, is innovation in products and software.

Android phones are safer than you think, says Google’s head of Android security

The world’s most widely-used mobile operating system has a reputation for malware and vulnerabilities, but is it deserved? Digital Trends spoke to Adrian Ludwig, head of the Android security team to find out.

JC Brooks on how ‘The Neon Jungle’ straddles genres to retool the uptown funk sound

The uptown sound is still around, but now under JC Brooks own name. His new album, The Neon Jungle can succinctly be described as an album-length soundtrack for one crazy/incredible night out.

Facebook camera will let users experience augmented reality

Facebook did indeed mimic Snapchat Stories, the company tells us, but get ready for more interesting stuff. Augmented reality is just around the corner, starting with an upcoming update to the Camera app that will be the first way to…

Inside Reebok’s efforts to deliver the next revolution, not evolution, in sneakers

Bill McInnis, the head of Reebok's creativity-focused division called Reebok Future, explains how the 59-year-old footwear company plans to stay innovative with technology and, of all things, corn.

Before we learn ‘The Fate of the Furious,’ let’s look back on the series’ coolest rides

The Fast and the Furious franchise has been running strong since 2001, and although it has strayed from its street racing roots, cool cars are still front and center. Inside, we're counting down our favorites from the series.

DT Exclusive: Watch Dreamcar’s debut video from the perspective of any band member

Digital Trends has the exclusive on new alt-rock supergroup Dreamcar's debut music video 'Kill for Candy,' which was shot exclusively with wearable cameras. Check it out!

Potholes cost drivers $3 billion each year? Here’s how they form and why they’re so damaging

When the snow melts and the ice thaws away in spring, you’re left with gaping craters of destruction perfectly designed to damage your car and cost you big money. But you can minimize the dangers of potholes with a little common sense.

With laser-scanned tracks and perfect physics, ‘Project Cars 2’ is as real as it gets

The Digital Trends cars team test-drove Project CARS 2 under the best conditions possible to see just how close racing simulators can get to the real thing.

How Windows Ink could make 2-in-1s the new go-to tool for students

Windows Ink debuted in the Anniversary Update last year. The new Creators Update adds just a few new features to Ink, but Microsoft says the coming back to school season will be full of excellent and affordable Ink-compatible devices.
Cool Tech

Let's get ready to robo rumble! Japan and USA teams set for giant mech battle in August

We finally know when the giant robot duel, pitting California-based robotics company Megabots against Japanese robotics company Suidobashi, will take place. And we don't have too long to wait.