Why Bioware brought ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ to CES 2:18

Digital Trends caught up with BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn after Nvidia’s keynote to talk about why they chose to reveal new gameplay details at CES 2017.
Virtual Reality

Resolved to exercise more this year? VirZoom thinks virtual tournaments might help

VirZoom is combining two popular technology arenas – virtual reality and esports – into vSports. The game developer and hardware maker has partnered with HTC, AMD, FitBit and Life Fitness to hold VR exercise competitions.

With every answer, search reshapes our worldview

What belongs at the top of your search results? Algorithms have evolved over decades to overcome the shortcomings of different metrics, but as the recent controversy over Google’s Holocaust search results demonstrated, the ones we have…

The secret to the perfect synthetic thread? Coconut charcoal

37.5 fabrics incorporate active carbon molecules that not only fight the accumulation of odors in athletic apparel, but also dry fabrics much faster as well. This has been shown to improve performance by as much as 26% in a blind study.

With a drone and a mattress, a photographer is helping Tennessee town rebuild after fire

Photographer Jeremy Cowart will be the first to admit the idea was a weird one, but with a mattress and a drone, the celebrity photographer is helping nearly two dozen Gatlinburg, Tennessee, families raise funds to rebuild after a major…

CES is coming! 9 themes to watch for as the blockbuster tech show unfolds

It may not be the biggest, but CES is easily the most important tech show of the year. What will 2017’s monstrous tech fest hold? Here’s my list of the 9 biggest trends to watch for --what you’ll see in the year ahead -- as well as a…

10 game mechanics we hope someone rips off in 2017

It's been said that good artists borrow, but great artists steal. That's true nowhere more than in game design. Here are 10 great mechanics that we hope someone steals and re-purposes in 2017.
Cool Tech

5 tech trends that will change the world in 2017

What can you expect to be talking about -- and lusting over -- in 2017? Here's our list of five technology trends that we'll be watching in the New Year.

How an iPad, a camera, and a Tumblr blog saved my life

Digital Trends' photography writer and cancer survivor Gannon Burgett shares how gadgets and the internet provided a distraction and an outlet when he needed them most -- while he was undergoing chemotherapy.

5 cutting-edge trends that defined (and revived) the PC in 2016

Our PCs are listening to us more, working better with our other devices, and making sure we’re not tied down to one place. They’re also faster, better, and more durable than ever.

The Beach Boys’ unsung hero Mike Love shares the band’s secret sauce

The Beach Boys' lead vocalist Mike Love shares his thoughts on the band's legacy, vinyl, mono, and the secret sauce that allowed the band to create their "sonic oasis."
Virtual Reality

This year’s VR milestones elevated it from novelty to art form

Virtual Reality headsets finally made their way into homes in 2016. There were a few speed bumps on the road to perfect immersion, and we still haven’t solved some of them, but the journey has just begun.