Revealed: The greatest Formula One driver of all time

Formula One racing is the most popular motorsport in the world, and the series has crowned 66 champions over the years. The legacies of its top drivers are hotly debated, but now science has given us the greatest F1 driver of all time.

How The Stig traded in his white helmet for an Oculus Rift and Project Cars

Top Gear’s former Stig, Ben Collins, has put his real world skills into sim racing development. In this interview, he reveals his favorite car and track combination, as well as what it feels like to have his “virtual ass kicked.”

That’s a Volvo? How the 40 Series concepts buck Sweden’s staid reputation

Volvo has introduced the modular platform that will underpin its next compact models. Part of the 40-series family, the compacts will offer advanced hybrid and electric drivetrains, a stylish design, and a long list of high-tech features.

Why obsessed hockey fans are updating ‘NHL 2004’ every single year

On the Internet, active communities can pop up around anything -- even updating a 13-year-old hockey game long since abandoned by the company that made it. Meet NHL 2004 Rebuilt, the best hockey game you've never heard of.
Cool Tech

Meet TWIRL, and the storm chasers who planted sensors in the heart of a twister

This spring, researchers will comb the central United States in search of tornadoes and purposely put themselves in harm's way. Why? To improve forecasts and lessen their destructive impact.
Health & Fitness

Miracle medical moment as legally blind man sees with bionic eye

After 40 years of limited vision following a fungal infection, John Jameson now can see again thanks to a breakthrough surgery that placed a small telescope in his eye. The crowning moment was when Jameson saw his wife for the first time.

Before China becomes a tech superpower, it needs to face its copying conundrum

China wants to be a tech superpower, but a well-known reputation for shamelessly copying innovators is giving the country’s manufacturers a bad name, and obscuring their own innovations.

3 WebVisions speakers that got our minds spinning

With 14 presenters on tap for this year's WebVisions conference in Portland, Oregon, those in attendance learned about everything from tech's growing role in activism to content strategy for paleontologists.

A nonprofit Uber? Ride Austin promises better driver pay, charity donations

Ride Austin is a new philanthropic, community-driven ride-sharing service for the capital city of Texas. It was created after Uber and Lyft left the city in protest. The new service will allow riders to donate a portion of their fares to a…
Movies & TV

Preacher 101: Four things you might not know about AMC’s brutal new series

The roots of AMC's new series Preacher run deep in both the comic-book world and Hollywood, and here are some things you might not know about the show inspired by the controversial comic.
Movies & TV

Exclusive: Comedian Dan Soder talks internet porn, Louis C.K., and his ‘Not Special’ special

Comedian Dan Soder's first hour-long special, Not Special, will air on Comedy Central this month. Digital Trends spoke with him about the special, as well as working on Showtime's drama Billions, why he loves piracy, and more.
Virtual Reality

‘Project Arena’ isn’t just an amazing ‘Tron’ tribute, it could be VR’s first eSport 2:20

CCP's stunning Project Arena looks like an exciting battle scene from a Tron movie, and playing it feels more visceral than any VR game to date. Could this become the world's first VR eSport?