Destiny’s latest update wants you to feel nostalgia, but hasn’t earned the right

Destiny's "Age of Triumph" update serves as the final send-off for Bungie's shared world shooter. The old raids are back, along with our favorite guns and armor. But how soon is too soon for nostalgia?

‘Agents of M.A.Y.H.E.M.’ serves up ’80s nostalgia with a side of frantic action

Open-world shooter ‘Agents of MAYHEM’ makes great use of its influences, from ‘G.I. Joe’ to ‘The A-Team’ and ‘Knight Rider.’
Virtual Reality

Has Intel turned into a virtual reality film studio? We found out

Intel has been ramping up its efforts in the virtual reality section since 2016, helping filmmakers create VR movies. Digital Trends spoke with Intel and one of the filmmakers about how Intel can help mix realities for films in…

Cross the globe while cutting costs with these affordable long-haul airlines

International air travel isn't cheap, but several low-cost carriers are crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific to the U.S. Are these budget, no-frills airlines the beginning of affordable foreign travel? We take a look at five airlines.

Hydrogen cars are here, but should you put one in your driveway?

Several automakers now offer cars powered by hydrogen-generated electricity. We took a look at the pros and cons of using hydrogen as an automotive fuel source. Hydrogen is a wonderful green fuel, but it does have a few problems.
Movies & TV

How ’70s road flicks helped ‘Logan’ creators tell a new kind of superhero story

Oscar-nominated cinematographer John Mathieson explains why Logan was such a unique film to work on, and how '70s cinema influenced Wolverine's swan song.
Cool Tech

What’s it like to use AOL dial-up internet in 2017?

It wasn’t so long ago that dial-up was normal, but going back to 56K after years of faster connections can be a frustrating experience.

Spin it or stream it, Mastodon is thrilled if you hear their heavy, harmonic sound

We spoke with Troy Sanders during a brief stopover in New York to discuss how Mastodon divvies up all their vocal duties, embracing the streaming culture with open arms, and writing a potential hit without the intention of doing so.
Movies & TV

Lucasfilm: How we made ‘Rogue One’ look and feel seamless within the Star Wars saga

The design aesthetic of Rogue One was informed as much by the past as it was by the future, according to Lucasfilm VP and co-production designer Doug Chiang.

Boring Bixby isn't a reason to buy the Galaxy S8, but it is a reason to use Google Assistant

The Galaxy S8 is here, and it comes with Samsung's first attempt at a virtual assistant. Meet Bixby, which you won't use because not only is it limited in functionality, but everything it does can be better performed by Google Assistant.

No more “shrink and pink:” Snow brands finally get serious about women’s ski boots

Rather than “shrink and pink” like many sports brands have done in the past, the ski industry has had to take women’s needs very seriously as they are the fast growing market.

Silicon Valley Warriors: Draymond Green discusses technology’s growing influence on the NBA

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green told us how the NBA embraces technology to help players properly recover and how HotelTonight helps him find the best deals on last-minute hotel rooms.