Virtual Reality

A rift in the Rift: Why room-scale VR is about to split Oculus fans apart 1:04

For the past year, Oculus has been telling users that limiting VR to sitting or standing is for their own good. Now room-scale Rift has been announced – and you’ll have to forgive us for doubting its success.
Cool Tech

The chatbot will see you now: AI may play doctor in the future of healthcare

Startups are using intelligent machines to redesign the clinic, redefine the role of the practitioner, and reposition the patient in relation to her own health.

OneRepublic’s ‘Kids’ music video is what happens when virtual reality and the record business play nice

Nokia and Universal Music Group recently partnered to film OneRepublic's music video for the group's single 'Kids' in virtual reality using Nokia's OZO VR camera. During a panel discussion, lead singer Ryan Tedder and others…

As tech trickles in, medicine is about to hit warp speed

Stem cells will allow you to regrow nearly anything, gene editing will allow you to customize your DNA on the fly, and you’ll pay for cures, not to see a doctor. Welcome to the future of medicine.

Expand your universe with Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s new video game

One of the world’s most popular astrophysicists is developing an open world PC game that will let players explore the cosmos – and learn along the way.
Cool Tech

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Cube projectors, digital butlers, drone claws

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements on the web. This week: a tiny indoor garden, a robot butler, and an entire home theater system in a cube.
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: Keep on rocking off the grid with a DIY solar Bluetooth speaker

Forget traditional battery-powered radios, after building this week's Weekend Workshop project, we'll have you harnessing the power of the sun to play all your favorite tunes in no time.

MTV made music videos cool. Technology will make them epic

Music videos are never going to look the same again with artists making them interactive, putting them in virtual reality and social media. Digital Trends explored the future of music videos with directors and content creators pushing those…
Movies & TV

‘Westworld’ tackles the morality of technology, explains star Jeffrey Wright

Jeffrey Wright plays a programmer behind the futuristic theme park/world of the epic HBO sci-fi western, Westworld. In this exclusive interview, we learn about the questions the provocative series evokes, and the moral dilemmas it raises in…

Streaming finds new fans, but what pays the bills? Rachael Yamagata found a way

From a cellist who plays the violin between his legs, to a “happy accident” that filled dead air with an orchestra, Rachael Yamagata’s recording process for Tightrope Walker was anything but ordinary.
Social Media

Don’t ‘get’ Snapchat? Its weirdest, most innovative creators may change your mind

Snapchat, to anyone not already on the social network, looks confusing, weird, and almost impenetrable. It turns out that beneath the surface is a creative, entertaining community that may just be worth the effort to join.