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Is cell phone radiation actually dangerous? We asked an expert

Could our cell phones and other wireless devices be increasing our risk of developing brain cancer and other conditions? A lot of scientists believe radio-frequency exposure is a growing threat that we should be aware of.


The next great wearable doesn’t need to do more, it needs to transform

Future wearables need to adapt beyond the wrist, which means a more modular approach that lets you tailor your wearable to your situation.


To grow up and not out, San Jose needs to get smarter (with more tech)

If you think cities are crowded now, just wait until 2050, when 66 percent of people will live in an urban area. To help deal with the increased demand, cities are already getting smarter.


Sick of ’90s reboots? Here’s why they’re not as bad as you think

From The X-Files to Coach, Twin Peaks and Full House, ‘90s TV shows are back. And though you might cringe at the lack of originality, revisiting the past can actually be a winning recipe.

Movies & TV

Stripped down and reimagined in brass, Porcupine Tree takes on a whole new life

Gavin Harrison honed his craft as the drummer for prog-rock legends Porcupine Tree, and with Cheating the Polygraph, he’s returning to some classics to play them as never before.


Sick of your job? Pymetrics lets you play games to find your next career

Play a few games for about half an hour on Pymetrics’ website and the company’s algorithms will gauge your innate personal characteristics such as attention or motivation—and tell you what career you’re best suited for.

Cool Tech

Convinced you need a smartwatch? Neither am I, and I’m really trying here

Not convinced you need a smartwatch? Neither am have I, and I been wearing one for months. How will companies convince the world we all do?


Silicon Valley’s Martin Starr on playing a satanic programmer, Kid Rock, season 2

Before HBO’s Silicon Valley begins its second season on Sunday night, we talked to Martin Starr – also known as Bertram Gilfoyle – about the show’s flirtation with real-life tech tycoons, last year’s Kid Rock guest appearance, and of course, what’s…


Driverless cars? Mother Nature may have a few things to say about that

The biggest stumbling block to driverless cars may not be some obscure technical challenge, but rather Mother Nature herself.


Chatrooms are making a comeback, and Bindle is leading the charge

The chat room is getting revived. Bindle is exiting its beta stage and opening up to everyone to bring back group chats with modern flairs like GIFs, emojis, hashtags, and @mentions.


Inside one of the first 3D-printed fashion shows in America

On April 16, the world's most popular 3D print fashion designers will showcase their latest items at one of the first 3D print fashion shows in America.


Imagine Dragons chase the hi-res dragon, hate getting smashed on the radio

For their new album Smoke + Mirrors, Imagine Dragons created a studio from scratch to capture every nuance in high-resolution digital audio. Listening to it on the radio? Forget about it.


For chillwave maestro Tycho, effects are as much instruments as the ones you play

Sometimes beautiful music is a happy accident. For Tycho, also known as Scott Hansen, preserving the stumbling process that leads him there is as important as the intentional part.


The 2015 VW Golf R’s 4Motion AWD system fights physics, creating a middle-class supercar

: The R is different in many ways from other Golfs. What truly sets it apart, though, is its physics-bending 4Motion all-wheel drive system.


While smarter watches make life easier, smarter prosthetics make life better

It’s pretty easy to lose perspective when you write about the same thing day and day out. After a while, subject matters become so central to your way of thinking, it’s easy to forget how much the things you write about really matter to people’s lives…