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We tried IMAX VR, and it left us excited as hell (and weak in the knees)

This week, IMAX unveiled its new plans for the future of VR, the IMAX VR Experience Centre. As part of a potential global rollout, the new facility lets anyone try out VR, with plans for exclusive content and innovative new VR technology.

If they want it, they’ll take it: Tech isn’t winning its fight against car thieves

Tech won't protect your car. Insurance and law enforcement authorities agree, if car thieves want your car, nothing can stop them.

Ian Thornely tells us why Big Wreck sounds like a balls-out aural bouillabaisse

Big Wreck has extrapolated the best of Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, and Soundgarden and puréed those ingredients into a balls-out aural bouillabaisse all its own. In our exclusive interview, the rockers sound off on streaming, how to…

The Shellback Safe imprisons your phone to keep you safe behind the wheel

Distracted driving kills, but how do you stop it? One solution: Don’t let drivers touch their phones while driving, and rat on them if they do. Welcome to life with the Shellback Safe.

Imagining the Future: An Interview with Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow's first science fiction novel for adults in eight years, Walkaway, envisions a utopian future where a post-scarcity society's "walkaways" are using technology to make their lives better.

It’s tough to trust a smart smoke alarm, but Roost and Nest Protect won me over

Smart smoke alarms offer benefits like letting you silence a false alarm before the device starts blaring and getting notifications about dying batteries. As long as you buy a battery-operated one, it’s a great addition to a smart…

Arkane Studios’ reboot of ‘Prey’ turns everyday objects into interstellar horrors 2:00

Jump scares, superpowers, and aliens that mimic everyday objects – ‘Prey’ is scarier than it seems.
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Robots and AI are coming for our jobs. Can augmentation save us from automation?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will transform the job market, eliminating over five million jobs in the next five years. So what do we, as humans, do? Augment ourselves.
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Jason Momoa talks ‘For Honor,’ growing up without a TV, and making Aquaman cool

Actor Jason Momoa got his first taste of video gaming with Ubisoft’s For Honor arcade-style fighting game. After taking on other celebrities on Twitch, the Game of Thrones alum talked about his upcoming roles as Aquaman in Warner Bros. DC…

7 years later, does ‘Halo Wars’ need a mouse and keyboard after all?

In 2009, Creative Assembly released an unorthodox Halo RTS for the Xbox 360. At long last, a PC port has finally arrived, but was mouse and keyboard support what this overlooked gem needed to thrive? Let's take a look.
Movies & TV

Lance Reddick on making sequels magic, VR acting, and brushes with legends

Actor Lance Reddick returns to the assassination game in John Wick: Chapter 2, reprising his role as hotel manager Charon from the original. In addition to the new movie, there’s also a virtual reality video game from Starbreeze, John…