How the Force 1 went from fantasy to carbon-fiber reality in record time

Acclaimed vehicle and yacht designer Henrik Fisker and Viper Racing Exchange founder Ben Keating ive Digital Trends the full download on their Force 1 Supercar passion project.
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America’s Greatest Makers is like American Idol for geeks, so we talked to one

At first glance, TBS's upcoming show 'America's Greatest Makers' seems like it's just Shark Tank meets American Idol -- but after talking with one of the shows contestants, we found out that it's actually more like a televised startup…

Meet Manny Ruiz, the accidental entrepreneur behind Hispanicize

Born in Miami to a Cuban father and a second-generation Cuban-American mother, Manny Ruiz is an influential personality in the Latino community for content creators and digital media trendsetters. Ruiz is an entrepreneur, a businessman, and…

A question for the ages: Why the hell can’t you buy a Sony phone in the U.S.?

Sony’s mobile division has struggled to make an impact in the U.S. despite plenty of interest in the Xperia smartphone line-up. Why is that?

Stop! Or your next car will for you, thanks to automatic braking

In up to 50% of rear-end collisions, the driver has not stepped on the brake when the crash occurs. Automated braking can prevent those crashes, and it will be in every new car by 2023.

Chevy talks the Bolt, its nemesis Tesla, and why cheap gas isn’t bad for EVs

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV goes on sale at the end of this year, and ahead of that date, we sat down with the vehicle’s Product Marketing Manager Darin Gesse. We spoke about the Tesla Model 3, one pedal driving, and the Bolt’s projected…

Exclusive: Damnwells frontman Alex Dezen video premiere for ‘This is the Last Song’

The Damnwells frontman Alex Dezen premieres the video for This is the Last Song (I’ll Ever Write on This Guitar) on Digital Trends, and tells why he’s OK with you hating it.
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Are these ‘artificial gills’ a diver’s dream or crowdsourced snake oil? 2:31

Triton is essentially a tankless scuba mask that works like a pair of artificial gills -- but now that the creators have taken the contraption to Indiegogo, we're not completely convinced this isn't just an elaborate hoax

Pioneer explains how the car became a smartphone accessory

Cars aren't just a means of getting from Point A to Point B -- they're an extension of ourselves and a way to stay connected on the go. Following a talk at the 2016 SXSW, we spoke with Ted Cardenas, Vice President of Marketing in Pioneer's…

Why pop culture’s zombie fixation is really the Internet’s fault

Our zombie fascination might seem like a blip on pop-culture radar, but the viral way this fictional apocalypse spreads may be rooted in broader fears about our lives on the Internet.

How monitor makers are pixelating the truth to fake you out

Buying a monitor is a tricky process on its own, so we set out to separate real performance statistics from marketing malarkey and flashy gimmicks. What we found might surprise you.

While you’re charging your EV, BMW is preparing for a hydrogen future

Hydrogen currently lags behind electric and plug-in hybrid drivetrains in the alternative fuel race, but BMW believes it's quickly catching up. The company tells us where the technology stands today, and where it'll go over the next decade.