Steve Aoki on Neon Future II, his obsession with Wolverine, and DJing on Mars

We speak to DJ Steve Aoki on his passion for music, high-res audio, comic books, and why he’s so excited about the future.
Cool Tech

As coach seats shrink, these new designs could save your sanity

There’s no getting around it: Airlines are putting more coach seats in less space. But these new designs at least attempt to make it more pleasant.
Movies & TV

Netflix is the new HBO, YouTube is the new MTV, and everything new is old

Netflix and YouTube are turning TV upside down, but they’re also following the well-trodden path of the companies before them – and need to pay close attention to what did those companies in.
Movies & TV

Inside the living, breathing, bleeding house of Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak

The haunted house at the center of Guillermo Del Toro’s gothic horror film Crimson Peak isn’t just a set, it’s a living, breathing, bleeding character. And we got to step inside.

Speeding down the Foo Fighters’ Sonic Highway

As the Foo Fighters explored eight different studios across the U.S., keyboardist Rami Jaffee used the Force (and plenty of Mellotron) to leave his own tire tracks on the new album, Sonic Highways.

Meet the mad genius who wants to save the music industry with a smarter Pandora

Seeing free streaming services as a major threat to the vitality of one of our most beloved art forms, the CEO of Internet radio site Mad Genius Radio has a new plan to get listeners to do their part and support music.

What’s Tidal about, besides big names? A top exec explains in our exclusive interview

Tidal Senior Executive Vania Schlogel speaks exclusively with DigitalTrends about Tidal's complications with Apple and Billboard, future of live streaming concerts and more.
Social Media

Joss Whedon quits Twitter: A tale of shame, feminism, and angry trolls

Angry feminists, trolls and over-zealous comic book fans have united to attack Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon on Twitter. This has led to the director quitting Twitter in disgust.

For My Morning Jacket, The Waterfall just flows better in high resolution

On their new album The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket experimented with a number of different recording techniques to craft a different vocal treatment for every song, including Jim James’ signature “fish tanking” technique.

Where’s our wearable revolution? The state of tech’s biggest unfulfilled promise

In the last installment of Wear Next, we step back to look at how far wearables have come, promises left unfulfilled, and what’s ahead for this promising technology.

The secret to crash-proof self-driving cars? Getting them to talk to each other

Connected cars may well be the future of the automotive industry, but what exactly does that mean, and what will it look like? We wanted to find out.

How Miami Horror sculpted a post-disco dreamfest on All Possible Futures

After the bubbly pop of 2010’s Illumination, Miami Horror returns with All Possible Futures, a Talking Heads-inspired discodreamfest that definitely belongs on your summer playlist.