Meet the Monster: How a funky engineer built the biggest brand in headphones

From humble origins in a bay area garage, to parties with Slash, Noel Lee of Monster Audio turned a passion project into a multi-million dollar audio brand.
Home Theater

Why OLED will decimate LCD screens and usher in a display revolution

We’ve seen rollable OLED displays before, but the technology has been considered little more than a marketing ploy. However, an OLED expert tells us that the future of rollable displays is actually right around the corner.
Cool Tech

This hidden farm under London might radically change how we grow food

More than 30-meters below the busy London streets, there is an incredible eco-farm that's part innovative agri-tech project and part sci-fi inspired netherworld. The research there could end up being used in space, or deep under the sea.

Lee Bannon on ‘chair music,’ his name change, and sonic link to Keith Richards

Pattern of Excel finds Bannon twisting the cosmic knob of a futuristic radio station parked on the edge of an experimental ambient universe where bass and beats have been replaced by reverb-drenched intergalactic axe scrapings.

Every Lamborghini ever made was built by hand in this factory

Every Lamborghini that comes out of the Sant'Agata Bolognese plant is built by hand by highly-trained workers and tested on the roads around the factory before it is sent off to its new owner.

Who’s going to force car tech into the 21st century? Weirdly enough, AT&T

Your car is dumb, and the company that built it doesn’t really care. But where carmakers are content with complacency, AT&T wants to connect up every car on the road. To its network, naturally.

After a Jeep commercial and a hit single, X Ambassadors plant a lo-fi flag on VHS

The single “Renegades” rocketed X Ambassadors to number on alternative radio, and now the fledgling Ithaca, NY band is back with their first full-length album: VHS.

Waste not, want not: This 3D-printed supercar could pave the way to green speed

Traditional car manufacturing requires tremendous amounts of resources and produces heavy cars, but a system of carbon-fiber rods and 3D-printed connectors could pave the way for affordable, greener manufacturing.

Ambient moodmakers The Orb know when to kick out tech to make room for music

Ambient house music pioneers The Orb are past their days of waiting for the latest and greatest synthesizers, and let their music take top priority on their spacey new album Moonbuilding 2703 AD.

Dear smartwatch makers, what the hell is wrong with you?

No really, what were you guys thinking?

The citizen journalist: How ordinary people are taking control of the news

Citizens have provided raw footage of events that have altered the course of history and now the technology has arrived to help citizen journalists.

What do Britney, Charlie XCX, and Sia have in common? The beats of Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder may not be a household name, but the beats from his 40-year career definitely are. On his latest album, Déjà Vu, Moroder pairs up with artists from Britney Spears to Sia on a fresh set of danceable tracks.