John Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls tells us why iTunes is “Irrelevant”

With the release of new album Boxes, John Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls called Digital Trends to discuss incorporating electronic dance music, the pros and cons of streaming, ugly babies, and short song titles.
Movies & TV

The star of Banshee on why the cult-favorite series will end on May 22

We talk to the star of Banshee, Antony Starr, about the end of the series, his character, and his thoughts on social media.

Keep calm and drive on: We celebrate the absolute best in British motoring

Every nation in the automotive world brings its own magic, and England is no exception. We explore their deep racing history and luxurious craftsmanship with two of the finest examples on the roads today.
Virtual Reality

Get real! How augmented reality toys could make VR feel like a gimmick

VR is exciting, but some of gaming's biggest franchises take place in mixed reality -- that's not going to change any time soon. Anki and Reach Robotics looking to bring old-school toys into the augmented reality future.

Rufus Wainwright crafted an album so uncharted, it’s ineligible for a Grammy

Rufus Wainwright knows a mash-up of Shakespearian sonnets won’t pay the bills, and it won’t win a Grammy. But it hasn’t stopped the Canadian-American from throwing away all conventions for Take All My Loves.
Virtual Reality

Oculus Home is sabotaging the Rift while HTC’s Vive steams ahead

As both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift start to find their way into homes, gamers are being asked to use Oculus Home, but its underlying foundation isn't what PC gamers are looking for.
Cool Tech

50 startups go to bat (and one walks home with cash) in the first-ever PitchfestNW

Debuting in 2016, PitchfestNW pits 50 hungry startups against one another for the attention of venture capitalists, and a grand prize that includes press, VC consultation, and cold, hard cash. Meet the five that made it to finals and the…

Mobile-First: Why Latinos are more mobilized than ever for 2016’s election

For Latino voters, the political stakes feel very personal, and where a candidate stands on a few key issues will factor heavily into who wins their vote.

Do you really need to buy premium gasoline?

Sales of premium fuel are rising, and are likely to remain high as Americans buy more small-displacement turbocharged cars. But what do you really know about the fuel you’re putting in your tank? Should you pay for Premium?

‘To be left behind in tech is to be left behind.’ Jesse Jackson on digital diversity

Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson has been fighting for tech diversity and equality since the early 2000s, and recently, his efforts have begun to pay off. But he says the industry still has a ways to go.