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First Look: iLuv Syren Pro weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker

The iLuv Syren Pro aims to power your poolside party for the low-low price of $99 (even less on sale).

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First look: Sony XBR-65X900B 65-inch 4K TV

Sony's XBR-65x900B is a stunning TV to behold, off or on. Take a closer look at this 65-inch 4K giant, and get a feel for what those built-on speakers add to the overall size of an already large television.

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A closer look at CarPlay: Insights from our hands-on experience

In this video, we explain why it is we think CarPlay is such a big deal, and show how it works with your iPhone and Pioneer's NEX-series in-dash receivers to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.


Anker MP141 Bluetooth Speaker first look

This simple speaker surprised us with some surprisingly balanced sound and a good amount of volume. Anker claims the speaker has class-leading battery life at 15 - 20 hours.

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Aperion Audio Allaire Bluetooth speaker first look

Aperion Audio managed to bundle nearly every desirable modern feature into a classic set of amplified bookshelf speakers. We get up close and grab a quick listen in this first look video.


Hands on with Roadie, the fully-automatic guitar tuner

Digital guitar tuners aren't a new thing, but Roadie is the first one that actually listens to the note and spins the tuning peg for you, ensuring a perfect tune every time.

Cool Tech

Swann’s net-enabled 4-camera HD security system is ready to rock right out of the box

Caleb Denison takes a first look at the Swann SWNVK-472004 security system, which includes four HD cameras, a DVR with a 2tb hard drive, Internet connection for remote operation and all the cables and gear you need to get the system up and running.


Rover scooter by Works Electric

“Electric scooters” conjure up images of something you would buy at a toy store. But Works Electric, has elevated the humble scooter from novelty to serious transportation.

It’s not a sound bar! AudioXpert’s 4TV packs 11 speakers into a 2-inch tall ‘console’

AudioXperts 4TV Sound Bar Console is just 2-inches tall, packs 11 speakers with 350w peak total system power and supports Bluetooth and AirPlay. It can handle up to 175 lbs. and TV bases up to 40-inches wide. We take a close look in this DT first look video.

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Case of Bass

At its core, a Case of Bass is a portable speaker system packed into a vintage suitcase, briefcase, medicine case or pretty much any other kind of case you can think of. The company also lets you customize yours to taste. If you want a built-in rechargeable…

Cool Tech

Philips Fidelio sound bar

In this hands on video, we take a look at the Philips Fidelio sound bar, the first system to offer truly wireless surround speakers.

Home Theater

2014 Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible First Drive video

The F-type is Jaguar's first true sports car in 52 years. The last was the E-Type launched in 1961. Although some accuse the F-Type of being too heavy for a sports car, I think it's nears perfection.