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Step into the 3D world of Amazon’s Fire Phone in our video hands on

Amazon’s Fire Phone is available in AT&T stores across the country. We haven’t finished our full review yet (greatness takes time?), but we wanted to give you a better look at the phone anyway. This video shows me (@JeffreyVC) sifting through a few notable aspects of the Fire Phone. We haven’t delved into the camera yet, but this video shows off the design, menus, and 3D effect called Dynamic Perspective.

You can read our more thorough early Fire Phone Hands-on impressions, but using the phone on a regular basis has given us a more thorough view of the Fire Phone’s strengths and weaknesses. We’re big fans of the Mayday feature that lets you have an instant (near instant) video chat with an Amazon representative to deal with any problem you have. In addition, the menus are very reminiscent of the Kindle Fire, though the Settings look a lot cleaner than any Android phone we’ve ever used thanks to a new all-text layout. We’re not so sure about Dynamic Perspective. It’s neat, but is it useful?

More coming on the Fire Phone soon!