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First Look: iLuv Syren Pro weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker

These days, there is no shortage of weather-resistant Bluetooth speakers to chose from. However, many of these speakers are designed with long-range portability in mind and less with powering a party. The iLuv Syren Pro aims to serve the latter purpose by bringing a carefully considered bundle of features to your poolside, all for the low-low price of $99 (even less on sale).

The Syren Pro is a speaker you’ll run into while shopping your local mega-mart’s electronics department. The company has broad distribution, so it has designed its speaker to have broad appeal. We do like the combo of features, including a handle for carrying the speaker, a switch that allows easy pairing with another speaker for stereo sound, decent bass output and a generally loud sound signature. Check out the speaker up close in our video to find out what else this bargain offers, and check back soon for our full review.