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First Look: Panasonic AX800 Ultra HD 4K television

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Panasonic’s sparkling new flagship AX800U is one of the premiere TVs of 2014. The replacement for the company’s brilliant plasma lineup, this LED 4K/UHD has its work cut out for it in supplanting perhaps the best plasma screens we’ve seen. In our initial evaluation, Panasonic didn’t disappoint, especially when it comes to picture performance. The TV offers excellent color reproduction, and there are very few LED panels we’ve encountered that can compare to its impressive black levels, offering premium local dimming for top-notch performance in the darkest rooms.

There are a few quirks that give us pause about this new behemoth, however, including a ho-hum user interface that seems to have more bells and whistles than it does usability. We’re also a little underwhelmed by the performance of the track-style remote, which lagged in initial testing, as well as the lack of 4K compatibility with Netflix at present. Still, the striking design, and unique stand that holds the display back at an angle make the TV stand out. And our initial impressions of its video performance put it in the top four TVs of the year. Stay tuned for our full review to find out our final verdict.