Xi3 Piston

We haven't had a chance to fully test this product yet, but we've assembled this helpful overview of relevant information on it.

Xi3 Piston

A teaser preview of the so-called Valve Steam Box, the Xi3 Piston is a computer gaming system designed to assist and optimize for Steam online gameplay and MMORPG support. Not much is currently known about this product, as the teaser info did not reveal processor or O/S info. The teaser did reveal that it will offer up to 1TB of storage, and shots of the model reveal an Ethernet port, audio in/outputs, SPDIF optical audio, four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, four eSATA ports, two mini-DisplayPorts, and one combo DisplayPort/HDMI port.

Special Features

  • Steam Box
  • Up to 1TB Storage
  • Ethernet
  • SPDIF Optical Audio
  • Superspeed USB 3.0  x 4
  • USB 2.0 x 4
  • Mini DisplayPorts x 2
  • Combo DisplayPort/HDMI 
  • ‘Big Picture’ Mode for HD TVs

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